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What is a "PPO" in Michigan?


What Is a Charge of “Domestic Violence” in Michigan?


What Criminal Charges Have Driver's License Consequences?


Restoring The License


Protecting The License


Leaving the Scene of an Accident in Michigan


How Arrests/Convictions Are Abstracted To The Secretary Of State


What is “Retail Fraud” in Michigan?


Personal Justice For Two Young Clients Facing False Claims


Refusal Of Chemical Tests


Drunk Driving Injury Or Death


OWI Special Circumstances


Repeat Offense Drunk Driving


Michigan Drunk Driving And License Consequences


What Is Probation?


Do I Have A Warrant For My Arrest?




Michigan State Police Drops a Bombshell About Compromised Marijuana Testing in OWI/DUI Cases


Looking for a “Leading” Criminal Defense Attorney in Washtenaw County?


Can a Criminal Charge Take Away Your Gun Rights in Michigan? 


“I am charged with a crime, can that affect my CPL rights?” Contact the best criminal defense attorney in Ann Arbor to learn your rights!

Event Data Recorders in Cars: Examining the “Black Box” in Auto Accident Cases 


University of Michigan “ECRT” Hearings


Common Questions About Refusals in Drunk Driving Arrests


"He is honest, fair and treats people with respect." Contact Dan Geherin to answer your legal questions today. (734) 263-2780

How Do I Select the Best Ann Arbor Criminal Defense Attorney for My Case? 


"The Geherin Law Group did exactly what they said they would." Contact us today 24/7 at (734) 263-2780 to discuss your case.

What is an “Advice of Rights” Form for Criminal Cases? 


"Dan explained in great detail how the legal process in my situation worked and it played out exactly how he said it would."

Criminal Trial During COVID


"From start to finish Dan was a pleasure to deal with, especially considering the situation I got myself into." Call 24/7 (734) 263-2780!

Daniel Geherin Named Top Leading Lawyer in Criminal Defense


What Happens After You’re Pulled Over for Drunk Driving in Michigan?


Dan Geherin, Criminal Defense Attorney in Ann Arbor, Named in the 28th Edition of The Best Lawyers in America 2022


Big Changes Coming to Michigan Criminal Law Based on Age


Charged with a crime in Washtenaw County or Southeastern Michigan? Discuss your options on how to avoid a conviction.

Can You Be Discharged Early from Probation?


Am I Eligible to Expunge My Michigan Conviction?


Can the police obtain my private medical or hospital records following an OWI arrest?


Expungement of Criminal Records in Washtenaw County


What Exactly is an “Expungement” in Michigan?


"Choosing Dan to represent me will forever be one of the best decisions that I have made." Contact GLG 24/7 at (734) 263-2780 or online!

What is the difference between a “CCW” and a “CPL” in Michigan?


What Exactly is “Cross-Examination?”


Should I Hire an Attorney for a First Time OWI/DUI Arrest?


“How do I find the best OWI defense attorney to help?” Having an attorney who specializes in DUI and license restoration is ideal!

How Do I Find a Good Criminal Attorney?


Finding a good criminal defense attorney is vitally important to achieving a good and just result. Contact GLG today for a free, no-obligation consultation!

Can I Still Have a Criminal Trial During a Pandemic?


What is "Probable Cause Conference" (or "PCC") in Michigan?


What is a PCC and what should people expect to occur? Contact Daniel T. Geherin, a former prosecutor and board-certified criminal defense attorney in Ann Arbor! (734) 263-2780

Diversion Programs for Michigan Criminal Offenses


If you find yourself charged with a crime in Michigan, you want to know your options. Dan Geherin is a top felony defense attorney in Ann Arbor and has worked tirelessly to secure positive outcomes for countless cases.

What Exactly is "Bond" or "Bail"?


Most bond decisions can be appealed to the next highest court and can often be reviewed for modification periodically by the judge who issued the bond. Having the best criminal defense attorney in Ann Arbor can make the difference between sitting in jail for months and being out and working.

Personal Solutions During the COVID-19 Crisis


Dealing with the health crisis has been overwhelming; dealing with a legal crisis at the same makes things a million times worse. During uncertain times, you want the best personal injury lawyer in Ann Arbor.

Will A Delay Help – Or Hurt – My Criminal Case?


As Michigan courts remain closed during the Emergency Order, clients with open criminal cases are caught in limbo. In times like these, you want a criminal defense attorney in Washtenaw County you can trust!

What Happens at an "Arraignment" in Michigan?


Looking for a criminal defense attorney in Washtenaw County that can help you understand arraignments and the criminal Justice system?

What is going on with Michigan Datamaster/ Breath Testing?


Criminal Sexual Conduct - Felony Defense Attorney in Ann Arbor


17-Year-Olds Now Classified as Juveniles in MI


17-year-olds are no longer automatically treated as adults in Michigan’s Criminal Justice System. Michigan joins the vast majority of states which make 18 the starting point for adult jurisdiction.

Ann Arbor Criminal Defense Attorney


Embezzlement Charges in Michigan


Most Embezzlement charges are brought at the State, and not Federal, level. Embezzlement charges range from a 93-day maximum misdemeanor offense to a 20-year maximum felony offense. Schedule online at GLGMichigan, or call 24/7 (734) 263-2780.

What's the Difference Between OWI and a DUI in Michigan? What's an OWVI?


If you or a loved one has been arrested for any substance-related driving offense and are confused over the laws, consequences and possible defenses, please contact Dan Geherin and his team at GLG Michigan.



Will Michigan Lower the Blood Alcohol Level for Drunk Driving?


Ann Arbor Criminal Defense "A to Z"


Juvenile or Adult Criminal Defense?


Ann Arbor Criminal Defense Lawyers Offer Free Consultations!


Washtenaw County Lawyers


Washtenaw County Juvenile Defense Attorney


Will Your Holiday Celebration Result in the Need for a Drunk Driving Attorney in Ann Arbor?


Best DUI Attorney Washtenaw County




The Best DUI Attorneys in Ann Arbor Have a Verifiable History of Doing This!


So Much Is at Stake: You Deserve the Best DUI Attorney in Ann Arbor!


Are You on a Quest to Find the Best Criminal Attorney in Ann Arbor?


When someone is arrested or faces criminal charges, he/she will start the search to find the best criminal attorney in Ann Arbor.

How Do You Search for the Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Ann Arbor?


So, when you’re searching for the “best” criminal attorney in Ann Arbor, you ideally should be focusing your search on the best defense/trial attorneys.

Everything You Need to Find Out From Your Wrongful Death Attorney But Were Afraid to Ask


When a death occurs, a victim’s family should consult with a civil litigation law firm that has experience in handling wrongful death cases and that can answer the following questions...

What is Wrongful Death in Ann Arbor? - Turn to the Personal Justice Firm of Geherin Law Group, PLLC.


Not every attorney has the experience, skill and reputation to handle a wrongful death case. After all, there is no greater time of need for a...

Need a Personal Injury Attorney in Ann Arbor? Consult with Actual Trial Attorneys at Geherin Law Group


With all the noise and confusion out there, clients looking for the best personal injury attorneys in Ann Arbor should ask these questions of a potential attorney...

Have Questions About Whether You Have a Claim For Your Personal Injury? Turn to Geherin Law Group Attorneys For Answers


After a personal injury occurs in and around Ann Arbor, you should ask the following questions...

How Do I Get to Work if I Don't Have a License? Hire a License Specialist Following a DUI Arrest in Ann Arbor


A conviction for any alcohol-related driving offense will carry license sanctions—ranging from a short suspension to a lengthy revocation. Hire a DUI Attorney in Ann Arbor



Why is it so important to have an experienced and specialized DUI/License Attorney in Ann Arbor? Because so much is often at stake...

What Happens If I Refuse a Breath or Blood Test Following a DUI Arrest in Ann Arbor?


“Should I refuse the breath or blood test?” There is no quick or easy answer to this question. If a driver refuses the roadside, preliminary test offered by the police officer...

America's Top 100 Criminal Defense Attorneys®


Born, Raised, Live & Practice Here: Hire an Authentic Ann Arbor Criminal Defense Attorney


Why is local presence so important for a criminal defense attorney? Because local attorneys know how to maneuver through the red-tape of the Washtenaw County system. We know our jury pools and how different jurisdictional juries might view a case.

Retain an Ann Arbor Criminal Defense Attorney with Real Trial Experience!


Ideally, your Ann Arbor Criminal Defense Attorney should have verifiable recent trial results to show that he/she is skilled in the courtroom, aggressive where necessary, and capable of standing up to the police and prosecutors who often overcharge or bring unnecessary actions.

How an Ann Arbor Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help You


Ann Arbor criminal defense attorney Dan Geherin talks about what to do if you've been charged with a crime, and why you should hire a criminal defense lawyer to help.

How to Choose the Best Attorney for Your Criminal Defense in Ann Arbor


For people who have never been charged with a crime, choosing an attorney for your criminal defense in Ann Arbor can add to an already stressful situation. Here are our tips on how to choose the best criminal defense attorney for your case and get help right away.

Your Best Criminal Attorney in Ann Arbor Will Protect Your Legal Rights


Hire a Felony Defense Attorney in Ann Arbor to Protect You


Always Consult With a Criminal Attorney in Ann Arbor Before Taking Action


Conviction for larceny reversed, where the theft was not "from a person"


Michigan Supreme Court overturns restitution order against thief


Grand Rapids marijuana decriminalization effort in jeopardy


Penalties for Drunk Driving in Michigan


An overview of common field sobriety tests


The truth and myths about breath tests


Ann Arbor man, 22, faces allegations of sexual assault


Driving while intoxicated over holidays can end with a DUI charge


Nationwide operation targets child sexual abuse, sex trafficking


Michigan football player dealing with drunk driving charge


Registered sex offender faces more sex crimes allegations


Very few details about investigation into alleged sexual assault


Police investigation leads to car chase through Ann Arbor streets


Ann Arbor man arrested at work with a reported .27 BAC level


Teenager faces DUI charge in Macomb County


Possibility of a DUI charge could be higher over holiday weekends


Woman arrested with alleged blood alcohol content level of .23


Impact of alleged victim's testimony in criminal defense strategy


Blood draw allegedly reveals BAC level over .17


DUI charge after fellow motorist reports alleged drunk driver


Woman gets DUI charge after late-night run to Steak 'n Shake


Murder charges filed after a month-long investigation


BAC level of .18 leads to enhanced charges


Investigation reveals that alleged sexual assault was consensual


BAC level over 0.17 invokes Michigan's Super Drunk law


Two separate incidents result in allegations of sexual assault


Sex offender registry includes important dates in October


Serious charges filed as accident investigation is concluded


Several suspects in Ypsilanti may end up facing robbery charges


Local area sees more counterfeit money - will there be arrests?


Ann Arbor lawyer deals with his own criminal case


Possession of child pornography charges after storage unit opened


Michigan authorities planning increased DUI enforcement


Criminal sexual conduct charges for Ypsilanti Township resident


Tragedy in the wake of alleged driving while intoxicated incident


Cyberstalking case includes alleged victims in Michigan


Fraud charges dismissed by appeals court in Michigan


Supreme Court weighs in on driving while intoxicated case


Michigan man decides plea bargain is the best criminal defense


St. Patrick's Day brought increased police patrols to Ann Arbor


Investigation underway on allegations of sexual assault


Ann Arbor man opts for plea deal, avoids criminal trial


Psychologist faces sexual assault allegations in Ann Arbor


Ann Arbor authorities planned increase in DUI checks over weekend


Forensic evidence could be the key to suspect's criminal defense


Ann Arbor man faces lengthy prison sentence in sex crimes case


Michigan man prepares for criminal trial


More criminal sexual conduct charges for Michigan man


37-year-old man faces criminal sexual conduct charges


Four men facing numerous serious charges in Ann Arbor


Authorities in Michigan step up DUI enforcement efforts


Drunk driving charge turns into more for Michigan man


Prior criminal history can lead to more serious sentence


18-year-old man arrested for alleged involvement in sexual assaults


Cybercrime in Michigan - what should Ann Arbor residents expect?


Authorities arrest Michigan man for alleged break-in


Strong defense gains dismissal of felony charge for Michigan man


Sex crimes case results in plea deal for Michigan man


Sexual assault case continues for Ypsilanti man


Felony OWI case headed for jury trial this month


Ypsilanti crash leads to drunk driving arrest


Suspicion of drug manufacturing remains after recent arrest


Local man could face life in prison after alleged sexual assault


Six sexual assault charges for Michigan man


Past sexual assault charges haunt Michigan man


Former basketball standout turns life around after OWI arrests


Sex offenders must keep on top of their registration status


Man faces series of charges in drunk driving accident


Michigan man facing federal gun charges


Teen charged with OWI


In The Media


Adrian Murder Trial Has National Interest


Man charged for firing 7 rifle rounds at family members after argument, police say


Who killed Egypt Covington? Family divided on suspicions of guilt


Ex-Ann Arbor police officer faces murder charge in wife's strangulation


Former Qdoba manager sentenced to probation for role in robbery


Ex-University of Michigan student arrested in sex assaults after return to U.S.


Probation for driver that killed Michigan triathlete angers cyclists


Couple charged in robbery violate bond by being together


Driver who killed triathlete Karen McKeachie pleads to misdemeanor


Are Michigan roads any safer after 5 years of 'Super Drunk' law?


Former Dexter schools employee accused of embezzlement heads to circuit court


Man accused of strangling and groping woman he followed off Ann Arbor bus charged


Graffiti suspect pleads no contest to sex crimes, vandalism


Jury trial date set for accused Rush Street shooter


Man describes chaotic moments when he was shot in Ann Arbor bar


Ann Arbor man admits to giving former hockey coach heroin that caused fatal overdose


Ypsilanti Township man gets 2 years probation for stabbing man who came at him 'like Bruce Lee'


Immigration is a federal concern, not an issue for Michigan District Court or Jackson Judge Joseph Filip, lawyer argues


Jury acquits Chelsea man of felony charges in motorcycle crash that killed two teenagers


Drunken driving arrests drop in Ann Arbor over past 5 years, but no clear answer as to why


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