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Tragedy in the wake of alleged driving while intoxicated incident

By Daniel T. Geherin

On behalf of Simon & Geherin, PLLC posted in Drunk Driving on Thursday, May 16, 2013.

Our Ann Arbor readers are probably used to seeing news headlines that are designed to catch a reader's eye and make them curious enough to want to know more. This is most often seen in reports on criminal cases and arrests, where sometimes the allegations are so shocking that most people have a hard time looking away. That may be the case with a recent arrest in Ann Arbor, in which an alleged instance of drunk driving had an especially tragic outcome.

According to reports, the incident in question stemmed from a car accident that occurred back on October 7 of last year. The now-defendant, a 37-year-old woman, was said to have been driving a vehicle at approximately 5:30 a.m. that morning with her 6-week-old baby in the car with her. The woman is said to have struck a vehicle that was sitting on the side of the road. Although it does not appear that this was a serious collision, it was enough to make the airbags in the woman's vehicle deploy. Unfortunately, the young baby was riding in the front seat of the vehicle in car carrier that was not strapped in. The authorities indicated that the baby died as a result of "head trauma."

As if this was not enough of a tragedy, the woman will now face a variety of criminal charges from the incident, including involuntary manslaughter and operating while intoxicated causing death. She is out on bond in while the case unfolds.

It is important for everyone, including our readers and the media, to remember that all criminal defendants are innocent until proven guilty. However, regardless of the ultimate outcome of this case, it is an opportunity for many to think about the serious consequences that can arise from driving while intoxicated.

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