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Did You Violate Your Probation?

Read More! July 27, 2023 | By Daniel T. Geherin

A violation of probation can be earth-shattering. Judges can revoke your probation and sentence you to the maximum jail or prison sentence (and perhaps enter the conviction if under a deferred sentence). Judges can reinstate probation and impose some inca...

What Is Probation?

What Is Probation? Read More! October 14, 2022 | By Daniel T. Geherin

People in the criminal justice system sometimes take for granted that  everyone  knows the lingo: Prison vs. Jail; Pretrial Conference vs. Arraignment; Probation vs. Parole. But, clients who find themselves in the system for the first time may n...

Can You Be Discharged Early from Probation?

Read More! July 29, 2021 | By Daniel T. Geherin

Michigan has seen many changes to its criminal justice system over the past year. Part of that is due to the research and findings of the Michigan Joint Task Force on Jail and Pretrial Incarceration, which was created in 2019 by Governor Whitmer. This div...