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Criminal Defense in Saline

By Daniel T. Geherin

If you’re facing a criminal charge of any kind in the State of Michigan, it’s important to take the matter as seriously as the criminal justice system does, which translates to having skilled legal guidance on your side. To help ensure that your rights are well protected and that your best interests are supported, reach out to an experienced Saline criminal defense attorney today.   

The Importance of Solid Legal Representation

If you’re facing a criminal charge, the importance of having robust legal representation in your corner can’t be overstated. Your dedicated criminal defense attorney will ably handle all the following important matters:

●      Helping you understand the criminal charges against you and helping you avoid some of the mistakes that defendants often make in the heat of the moment, including failing to remain silent 

●      Guiding your case effectively and efficiently forward through each of the court proceedings toward an advantageous outcome

●      Gathering all the evidence in your case and ensuring that any evidence obtained through illegal search and seizure is deemed inadmissible by the court

●      Determining the surest criminal defense strategy for your unique case and allowing this to guide what comes next

●      Skillfully negotiating with the prosecution for a beneficial conclusion that may involve having the charge against you dropped altogether, having the charge against you lessened, or toning down the penalties you face

●      Preparing to go to court in the event that the state refuses to engage in reasonable negotiations 

Having legal representation in criminal cases is key to achieving optimal results.

Common Criminal Charges in Michigan  

We are here to help people accused of a wide range of crimes, including:

●      Gun charges, such as illegal firearm possession, concealed carry without a license, violent crimes involving a gun, felony firearm, negligent discharge of a firearm, and possession of a gun where they’re not allowed

●      Operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated (OWI), which is based on having a BAC that exceeds the legal limit of .08 percent with enhancements related to repeat offenses, having a child in the car at the time, and causing injury

●      Retail fraud – or shoplifting – and theft charges, which are based on the value of the property stolen

●      Sex crimes, which include rape and statutory rape, sexual assault, indecent exposure or public indecency, gross indecency, child pornography, child molestation, prostitution and solicitation, human trafficking, and beyond

●      Violent crimes, including assault, aggravated battery, homicide, domestic violence, and robbery 

If a criminal charge has been levied against you in the State of Michigan, it’s time to schedule a criminal defense consultation with a trusted criminal defense attorney for Saline, Michigan

Criminal Charges Defense  

If you’re facing a criminal charge, your most important concern is bringing a strong defense, which calls for skilled legal guidance. Your criminal defense attorney will resourcefully advocate for your case’s best possible resolution. 

Your Rights

The fact that you are charged with a crime does not mean that you are guilty of said crime, and the better you understand your rights, the better prepared you’ll be to protect them and to help build a solid defense on your own behalf. A prime example is your right to remain silent, which you’re well advised to invoke from the start.

Evidence Gathering

Your defense will hinge on the available evidence, and the weaker the state’s evidence, the weaker its case. A focused criminal defense investigation involves careful evidence gathering. Your attorney will ensure not only that you have access to all the evidence relevant to your case but also that any evidence deemed inadmissible is kept out. This generally applies to evidence gained through illegal search and seizure.  

Defense Strategy

The right defense strategy for your case will be determined by the circumstances involved, but some of the most common include:

●      Claiming you were falsely accused

●      Introducing evidence that supports a case of mistaken identity

●      Constitutional 

●      violations

●      Challenging the validity or veracity of the evidence 

●      against you

●      Arguing that you were entrapped

●      Claiming self-defense

Skilled Negotiations 

Your accomplished Saline criminal defense attorney has the legal insight and skill to engage in effective negotiations with the prosecution. This can lead to positive outcomes like the following:

●      Having the criminal charge against you dropped altogether – typically based on inadequate evidence.

●      Having the criminal charge against you decreased in severity. 

●      Having the penalties you face lessened. 

Court Preparation 

The right attorney for you will be well prepared to take your case to criminal defense trial – where they can defend your rights and best interests in pursuit of a favorable outcome.

If you’re facing a criminal charge, having the support of a seasoned criminal defense attorney is paramount.

Criminal Defense Appeal 

If you’ve been convicted of the criminal charge in question, the matter is that much more serious, and an appeal may be in order. If the charge was a felony, your case will go through the Michigan Court of Appeals. While bringing a successful appeal is exceptionally challenging, this doesn’t alter the fact that it may be well worth pursuing. 

Filing the Appeal

An appeal begins with the claim of appeal filing, which must occur within 42 days of sentencing. From here, it generally takes about 90 days for transcripts of the motion hearings, trial, and sentencing to be fully prepared. 

Written Legal Arguments

The next several months in the process are committed to the written legal arguments regarding the failings of your conviction – to be followed by the prosecutor’s response, which will be rebutted by your criminal defense lawyer. From here, the case is reviewed by court staff, which can take several months.

Oral Arguments

Next, oral arguments are scheduled. These arguments are when both sides appear before the three-judge panel that decides the appeal. 

The Written Opinion

About one to four weeks after oral arguments are heard, the appellate court issues a written opinion that either affirms or reverses the conviction. 

Final Appeal

If you lose your appeal, all hope is not lost. The chance to file an application for leave to appeal in the Michigan Supreme Court remains. 

Consult with an Experienced Saline Criminal Defense Attorney Today

Results matter. When you are facing criminal charges in Ann Arbor or Washtenaw County, turn to Geherin Law Group. It’s no accident that Daniel T. Geherin has 240+ 5-star reviews on We’re available 24/7 and we will put our 25+ years of criminal justice experience to work in protecting your interests. Contact Us, or call anytime at (734) 263-2780. Dan and his team of criminal defense attorneys and paralegals will fight aggressively and always treat you personally. 

"I was very stressed out and anxious about everything and from moment I had my consultation and spoke with Marti and Dan, I was instantly put to ease. Dan was very understanding, transparent, and thorough & informed me about every necessary detail from start to finish. Dan and his team (Marti & Kevin) were always helpful and supportive and answered any questions or concerns I had right away… I am forever grateful to Dan, Marti, Kevin and highly recommend hiring Dan and his team if you are ever in need of a lawyer.” - Lindsey