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Best DUI Attorney Washtenaw County

By Daniel T. Geherin

A person arrested for DUI in Ann Arbor, for example, might receive an entirely different and more serious sentence than a person arrested in Chelsea. A person charged with OWI in Ypsilanti might receive a better plea offer than a person charged with the identical offense in Saline. And a person who wants a trial for a DUI case in Pittsfield Township might have better odds than a person in Dexter Township.

Why is this? Why do identical charges get treated differently in the same county? Why are there so many different police agencies, prosecutors and judges within the same relatively small county?

To get straight and honest answers to these questions, you need to consult the best DUI attorney in Washtenaw County you can find.

Honest. Reputable. Experienced.

Daniel T. Geherin is a former prosecutor and board-certified criminal trial attorney who was born, raised, lives and practices in Washtenaw County. His firm, Geherin Law Group PLLC (GLGMichigan), is a criminal justice firm based in Ann Arbor that specializes in defense of DUI/OWI cases. Dan has helped thousands of clients with DUI cases in Washtenaw County. Approximately 50% of his client base consists of DUI defense, with the grand majority of those cases here in Washtenaw.

For the past 25+ years, Dan has litigated and won numerous of DUI cases throughout Washtenaw County by challenging/suppressing evidence, arguing legal precedent, and convincing juries and judges of clients’ innocence or overcharging in drunk driving cases. He posts some of those results (anonymously, of course) on his website,

Dan is a published author of a book, Michigan Drunk Driving and Driver’s License Handbook. He is a frequent moderator and lecturer on drunk driving topics at the Institute of Continuing Legal Education (ICLE), including the 2018 Drunk Driving Update where he lectured on defending DUI/Controlled Substances. He is named in the 2019 Edition of The Best Lawyers in America for DUI/OWI Defense and by Detroit Business Magazine as a Top Metro Detroit DUI Lawyer. He’s also been given a Top-Rated DUI Attorney by

Many attorneys say they practice DUI Defense in Washtenaw County, but their offices are based elsewhere. Even attorneys based in Washtenaw County often focus on general criminal or civil cases, and only “dabble” in DUI Defense. The attorneys who say they specialize in DUI Defense plead out the lions’ share of their cases.

To help determine the best DUI Attorney in Washtenaw County, ask these questions:

  • “How many DUI cases have you defended this year in Washtenaw County?”
  • “Do you have an office in Washtenaw County?
  • “When was the last pre-trial motion you won in a Washtenaw County DUI case?  Trial?”
  • “Have you published any books/articles on DUI? 
  • “Have you received any accolades or awards for DUI Defense in Washtenaw County?”

If the answers to these questions are vague or give you the impression that someone does not defend DUI cases in Washtenaw County, please call GLGMichigan. Dan will happily discuss his DUI training and litigation experience with you. He will form a plan that gives each client personal options, personal results, and personal justice following a DUI arrest in Washtenaw County.

If you are looking for the best DUI attorney in Washtenaw County with extensive and specialized experience following a DUI Arrest, please consider calling the Ann-Arbor based practice of GLGMichigan.  We can be reached 24/7 at (734) 263-2780, or via email  Let us put our Washtenaw County DUI training,education, experience and passion to work for you when you need it most.