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Gun Charges Attorney in Chelsea, Michigan

By Daniel T. Geherin

The State of Michigan takes a serious stance in relation to gun charges. In fact, any charge can be enhanced by the inclusion of a firearm. If you’re facing a firearm charge, it’s to your advantage to take the matter seriously, and working closely with an experienced gun charges attorney in Chelsea near you is always advised.  

Types of Gun Charges in Chelsea, Michigan 

Gun charges come in many forms, and most are felonies, which means they carry prison time, steep fines, and immense social consequences. 

Illegal Firearm Possession 

While the Second Amendment grants the important right to own guns in this country, there are also important limitations to this right, and some individuals are barred from gun ownership entirely, including:

●      Those who are under the age of 18

●      Those with felony convictions – though the right can sometimes be restored after three years

●      Those who are committed for mental health issues or who are declared legally insane

●      Those who are unable to achieve a score of at least 70 percent on the basic pistol safety questionnaire that is required to purchase a gun

Concealed Carry without a License

To conceal a gun or to carry it in your car – whether you’ve concealed it or not – requires a license. Failing to procure the necessary license is a felony firearm possession charge that comes with up to five years of prison time and fines of up to $2,500. 

Violent Crimes Involving a Gun

Once a gun is introduced into a violent crime – or any crime – it elevates the charge, elevates the fines and penalties, and makes the matter more serious. 

Felon in Possession of a gun

Felony firearm is the charge related to felons who are in possession of guns. In fact, the charge itself is a felony.

The Negligent Discharge of a Firearm

Discharging a gun without the proper care, which means negligently, is a gun crime – even if the discharge was an accident. If someone is injured in the course of a negligent gun discharge – or property is damaged – the matter is more serious still. 

Possession of a Gun in Areas that Are Off Limits

There are certain places where guns are simply off-limits, including:

●      Churches, synagogues, and other houses of worship

●      Weapons-free school zones

●      Courthouses and some other government buildings

●      Casinos

●      Daycare facilities

●      Sports arenas

●      Theaters, including the Purple Rose Theatre in Chelsea

●      Hospitals, such as the Chelsea Community Hospital 

Charges related to carrying a gun in areas where they’re not allowed are generally misdemeanors – as are charges related to brandishing, waving, or aiming a gun without malice. Whether the charge is a felony or misdemeanor, the consequences of a conviction are harsh, and having a trusted gun charges attorney in your corner is in your best interest.  

The City of Chelsea takes gun laws seriously, and this includes in primary locations throughout the city, such as:

●      Along I-94, M-52, and M-124 

●      The Chelsea District Library 

●      The Chelsea Milling Company 

●      The Waterloo State Recreation Area 

●      Pierce Park 

●      Chelsea Depot Museum

Finding a Gun Charges Attorney in Chelsea, Michigan 

If you’re facing a gun charge, it’s time to find a dedicated Michigan weapon charges lawyer in Chelsea who has a proven track record of effecting favorable case resolutions that protect their clients’ rights and support their brightest futures. Michigan gun laws mean business, and failing to bring your strongest defense can lead to obstacles that are difficult to overcome. 

The right Chelsea gun crime defense lawyer for you has all the following attributes:

●      They put your best interests first.

●      They have an impressive array of experience successfully defending their clients’ rights and achieving favorable case results. 

●      They’re available to you when you need them, and your case is a priority.

●      They come well recommended, and they have an imposing variety of achievements, certifications, testimonials, and reviews behind them.

●      They put you at ease and inspire your confidence.

When you can tick all the above boxes, you’ve found the right illegal firearm possession attorney for you.  

What to Expect When Working with a Gun Charges Attorney 

At your initial consultation with your gun charges attorney in Chelsea, you'll get down to the hard work of carefully assessing your unique case and strategizing your strongest defense. As your case progresses, your Chelsea firearm charges lawyer will bring all the following to the table:

●      Skillfully compiling all the available evidence, which can include engaging in a considerable amount of digging.

●      Ensuring that your case continues to move effectively and efficiently forward.

●      Ensuring that you know your rights and that your actions are focused on protecting these rights, which includes invoking your right to remain silent when interviewed by members of the Chelsea Police Department.

●      Ably negotiating with the prosecution for an outcome that benefits you, which can mean having the gun charge against you dropped entirely, having the charge against you lessened, or having the sentence you face lessened.

●      Being exceptionally well prepared to take your case to court, which may motivate the prosecution to make a more favorable settlement offer.

The surest means of protecting your rights and effecting your case’s best possible outcome is with a formidable Chelsea gun crime attorney on your side.  

Defenses for Gun Charges in Chelsea

The defense strategy you employ in your case will be specific to the circumstances involved, but most defenses are grouped into categories like the following:

●      You used the gun for self-defense purposes. 

●      Your constitutional rights were trampled by the authorities, and the evidence obtained is, therefore, inadmissible. 

●      The prosecution lacks the evidence necessary to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. 

●      You were entrapped by the authorities. 

●      The discharge in question was accidental.

●      The authorities have the wrong person altogether, and your case is a matter of mistaken identity. 

Your Chelsea weapon charges lawyer will make it their mission to build your most robust defense – in pursuit of your case’s most advantageous conclusion.   

Gun Charge Statistics for Chelsea MI 

Gun statistics for Chelsea and the State of Michigan reflect that the state has the 30th highest gun death rate in the nation. Consider the following:

●      38 percent of gun deaths in Michigan are homicides – compared to a national average of 36 percent.

●      The rate of gun deaths in the state increased by 16 percent over the period from 2009 to 2018 – compared to the national average of 18 percent. 

●      Every year in Michigan, an average of 456 people die as a result of gun homicide, which is a rate of 4.9 per 100,000 people. 

Gun charges are not uncommon in the state, and a focused Chelsea illegal firearm possession attorney can help.

Consult with an Experienced Gun Charges Attorney Near Chelsea 

The Chelsea gun charges attorney at Geherin Law Group are committed to fiercely advocating for a beneficial case resolution that honors your rights and best interests, and we have a wealth of imposing experience backing us up. Our esteemed legal team is on your side and here to help, so please don’t wait to contact or call us at 734-263-2780 for more information about what we can do to help you today.