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Washtenaw County Criminal Justice

By Daniel T. Geherin

In Washtenaw County, the criminal justice system is divided into separate District and Circuit Courts. District Courts handle most misdemeanor and traffic offenses, and are spread throughout Washtenaw County from the West (14a3 District Court in Chelsea) to the East (14B District Court in Ypsilanti Township). The biggest District Court, the 15th District Court, handles all City of Ann Arbor criminal cases.  The 22nd Circuit Court (located in downtown Ann Arbor) handles all felony offenses; Personal Protection Orders; Juvenile Cases and Driver’s License Appeals.  

There are 7 Washtenaw County District Court Judges who handle criminal cases, and 4 Circuit Court Judges; there are about 10 different police agencies, and the same number of local and state prosecutor’s office.  Without question, the system is complicated for those who don’t practice here every day. It’s especially complicated because Washtenaw County has a “unified” structure, meaning the District Court is empowered to act on felony cases in some limited ways.  

Dan Geherin, owner of the Geherin Law Group PLLC. a criminal defense firm in Ann Arbor, has been heavily immersed in the Washtenaw County Criminal Justice System for his 25+ year career.  He was also born and raised in Washtenaw County, where he’s still a proud resident. Geherin Law Group exclusively handles cases with a criminal justice element, and primarily does so in Washtenaw County.  Every day, Dan and his team answer calls from people facing criminal and traffic allegations in Washtenaw County, many of whom ask the same questions:

“Which Judge will I be in front of?”

“Which court do I have to appear in?”

“Do I have to appear in person, or via Zoom?”

Many attorneys who “dabble” in criminal cases or who are based outside of Washtenaw County likely cannot answer these simple questions. Finding an attorney with vast experience in Washtenaw County is so important to how a your criminal case will be handled.  Why?  With that experience comes knowledge about the various prosecutors; understanding of a judge’s likes and dislikes; relationships with key people in the justice system (police officers, probation agents, clerks etc.) That can all translate to a consistently better result for you.  

How do you know if an attorney has vast experience in the Washtenaw County Criminal Justice System?  Ask these questions:

“Is your main office based in Washtenaw County?”

“Do any of your attorneys live in Washtenaw County?”

“How many open criminal cases do you have in Washtenaw County currently?”

If you’re being investigated or charged with a criminal case in Washtenaw County, and want a firm with 25+ years of targeted Washtenaw County experience, please contact Dan and his firm at GLG Michigan immediately.  We’re available 24/7, and we’ll help put you at ease, form a plan to handle your case, and fight aggressively to restore your reputation and protect your freedom.  Schedule your consultation online here, or call 24/7 (734) 263-2780. We’re acutely committed to providing personal attention, personal options, and personal justice to every single client we represent.  

GLG Michigan:  To Us, Washtenaw County Criminal Defense is Personal.