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Michigan authorities planning increased DUI enforcement

By Daniel T. Geherin

Any Michigan driver probably knows that one of the worst decisions a person can make on the state's roadways is to drive after drinking. Most probably know that the current maximum legal blood alcohol content level is .08 percent, and many are probably becoming familiar with the newer "Super Drunk" law, which includes higher penalties for those arrested on a DUI charge with a BAC level over .17 percent. However, as widely known as these laws are, many drivers will likely get their first contact with the laws' true meaning during the summer holiday season.

Authorities across Michigan were planning to initiate an increased focus on patrolling for drunk driving during the Fourth of July holiday. Grant money is going toward the efforts, most likely to pay for police officer overtime and possibly for setting up sobriety checkpoints.

According to the reports, the increased efforts were expected to last through July 7. The summer holiday season apparently warranted the increase, as last summer there were reportedly four deaths in car accidents around the time of the Fourth of July. However, reports indicate that none of those accidents involved alcohol. But still, throughout last year there were a total of 342 people killed in alcohol and drug-related accidents. A recent article noted that this was a 7.2 percent increase from the figures in 2011. The statewide initiative this year is being called "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over." A reported 156 different agencies were set to participate in the enforcement efforts.

For anyone whose holiday celebration ends behind bars for an evening, knowing the current DUI laws will be crucial. Being over the legal limit by even the smallest percentage could lead to a conviction with the ability to alter a lifetime.

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