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Sex offender registry includes important dates in October

By Daniel T. Geherin

Many of our Michigan readers probably know that one of the consequences of being convicted on sex crime charges is being listed on the sex offender registry. However, what some people may not know is that convicted sex offenders who are listed on the registry are separated into "Tiers." And, depending on what Tier a person is classified within, sex crimes offenders are required to report to their local law enforcement officials regularly.

A recent article highlighted the fact that the first 15 days of October are one of the quarterly verifications periods for "Tier 3" sex offenders. Sex offenders who are classified as Tier 3 registrants include those individuals who faced the most serious of sex crimes allegations. Thus, they are required to register four times per year - during the first 15 days of January, April, July and October. Tier 2 registrants verify their address with local law enforcement in January and July, while Tier 1 registrants are only required to verify their address once per year, in January.

Being convicted on sex crime charges can be very different from other types of convictions. The sentences for these types of convictions often include multiple layers of punishment, starting with lengthy prison sentences and often followed by probation supervision that includes specialized sex offender therapy, lie detector tests and GPS monitoring. With the requirement of frequent address verification on the sex offender registry, a conviction on sex crimes charges can lead to a huge change in a person's life.

The best time to combat these consequences is during the period where the accused individual is entitled to the presumption of innocence. An aggressive prosecution may lead to a criminal trial, and a criminal defense strategy that focuses on the process of the investigation conducted by police may be able to poke holes in the government's case.

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Source: Observer & Eccentric, "Quarterly Michigan sex offender address check began Oct. 1," Oct. 2, 2013