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Need a Personal Injury Attorney in Ann Arbor? Consult with Actual Trial Attorneys at Geherin Law Group

By Daniel T. Geherin

We’ve all read about scary situations. You may even have experienced one yourself: a distracted driver hits and severely injures a loved one on his motorcycle in Chelsea. A drunk driver smashes into you whileyou’reriding your bicycle near the Huron River. A bouncer forcibly removes your son from a bar in downtown Ann Arbor, injuring him for no reason. When the need for a good personal injury attorney arises, who should you turn to?

“Should I deal with the insurance company by myself or contact an attorney?”

“Is there anyone to contact other than the Detroit-based attorneys I see on TV?”

 “Are there any good trial attorneys in Ann Arbor who will stand up to the insurance companies?”

The Geherin Law Group PLLC is a trial-based law firm in Ann Arbor that handles civil litigation, including representing individuals (never companies) who are injured by the criminally negligent behavior of others. To us, it’s personal. That’s more than our slogan – we fight every day, in and out of court, to bring justice to clients who have suffered a legal crisis. We take on insurance companies who refuse to pay people what they deserve following a severe injury or wrongful death. We sue bars/restaurants who over-serve patrons who then in turn injure innocent bystanders. We even sue individuals and governmental workers who violate civil rights. In short, we seek justice for individuals and families who have been harmed and need help.

Dan Geherin is a board-certified trial attorney. You don’t become a board-certified trial attorney like Dan unless you have a long and verifiable track record of success in the courtroom. In fact, only 5% of attorneys nationwide are board-certified, including only 12 other attorneys in the State of Michigan as of 2018.

Why is trial experience so important for a personal injury attorney in Ann Arbor? Because the insurance company will stall and fight against making fair payment to you; because the insurance company and its attorneys need to know that the plaintiff’s attorney will fight aggressively for a client, or otherwise that attorney will never earn the respect he/she needs to successfully represent clients; and, because a proven track record of victories in the courtroom proves that the attorney knows the law, knows how to fight to help his/her clients, and can be the difference between a fair and equitable settlement and no payment whatsoever.

With all the noise and confusion out there, clients looking for the best personal injury attorneys in Ann Arbor should ask these questions of a potential attorney:

 “How many jury trials have you completed in the last 5 years?”

“How often are you in front of the local judges, and what is your relationship with them?”

“Are you a board-certified trial attorney?”

Dan was born, raised, lives and practices in Ann Arbor.  He will not pawn off your case on a junior associate or an unconnected attorney. He knows the community, knows the system and knows the judges. He has completed 200+ trials. He does not accept every personal injury case---only those that have resulted from the criminal negligence of another. When he does take on a case, he works tirelessly and aggressively to achieve the justice that an injured client or devastated family deserves.

Need a strong, aggressive, intelligent and caring personal injury attorney in Ann Arbor? Call the trial-based practice of GLG at (734) 263-2780 or send us an email at  We offer free telephone or office consultations – we offer contingency agreements where we don’t collect a dollar unless you do– and we only accept cases where we feel confident in bringing clients the justice they deserve.