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Investigation reveals that alleged sexual assault was consensual

By Daniel T. Geherin

So often when allegations of sexual assault arise law enforcement officers have to deal with different stories from two different perspectives: one from the alleged attacker and one from the alleged victim. If there is no other physical evidence to consider, it can difficult, understandably, for police and prosecutors to determine whether or not to file sexual assault charges based on those stories alone. In a recent incident involving a former Ann Arbor basketball player, it appears that law enforcement officials have decided that there wasn't enough evidence to proceed with a criminal case.

Some of our readers may have heard about this case, which involved a former Ann Arbor resident who joined the Oakland University basketball team. On the team's road trip to play against UCLA, a woman alleged that she had been raped. Two members of the team were arrested, including the former Ann Arbor player. They initially faced a $100,000 bond.

However, apparently after the alleged victim had an opportunity to discuss the incident in question in a bit more detail with the police, she stated that the sexual encounter she had with the former Ann Arbor player was consensual. So, it appears that the basketball player won't have to face any further investigation.

Consent can be a major issue in a sexual assault case. This is mainly because reasonable people can disagree on what actually took place at any given time, but this is an especially critical area when there is sexual conduct between two people. If an alleged victim believes that the sexual contact went beyond what she was willing to engage in, the police may be forced to conduct an investigation that could result in long-term consequences for a suspect - even if the case is ultimately dropped.

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Source: mLive, "Police report vindicates ex-Ann Arbor Huron basketball star Dante Williams in alleged rape case," Pete Cunningham, Nov. 16, 2013