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Ann Arbor man faces lengthy prison sentence in sex crimes case

By Daniel T. Geherin

On behalf of Simon & Geherin, PLLC posted in Sexual Assault on Wednesday, January 23, 2013.

Previous posts here have discussed the variety of penalties that are usually associated with allegations of sexual assault. From fines, court-ordered sex offender treatment and listings on the sex offender registry, facing sexual assault charges brings the possibility that a person's life will be fundamentally altered. But, what may be overlooked is probably the most serious part - a prison sentence. And, for one Ann Arbor man, that prison sentence will have a major impact on his life, as he is expected to receive a sentence of 20-30 years due to a conviction for criminal sexual conduct.The 18-year-old man was in court recently to plead guilty to a range of charges, including the charge of first-degree criminal sexual conduct. The charges arose from allegations that the man forced entry into an Ann Arbor residence back in July of 2012, at which time he then proceeded to rape a sleeping woman in the home. The man answered questions about the charges in the affirmative at his recent court hearing, stating that he did indeed carrying out the crimes with which he was charged. He has agreed to a plea bargain in the case, and his sentencing hearing will occur on January 31.Depending on the thoroughness of the police investigation and the veracity of the evidence, a plea bargain can be the best course of action in some cases. However, in cases in which the evidence is challenged and the stories don't add up, a strong criminal defense strategy may be the best option. As seen in this 18-year-old man's case, a conviction in a sexual assault case can have devastating effects on a person's life. Knowing when to challenge the charges can mean the difference between freedom and imprisonment.

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