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How Do I Select the Best Ann Arbor Criminal Defense Attorney for My Case? 

By Daniel T. Geherin

Gone are the days where each town only had 1-2 general practice attorneys who could reasonably handle criminal cases. The concept that attorneys only advertise in areas in which they practice is also gone. Internet marketing allows attorneys from all over the State of Michigan  to advertise their services in Ann Arbor—even if they’ve never handled one case here!  Worse, many are advertising that they handle criminal cases, when they actually specialize in family law, bankruptcy or other areas.

How do clients sort through all the “smoke” and find the best Criminal Defense Attorney for their case in Ann Arbor?  By asking the following four questions:

  1. How many criminal cases have you handled in Ann Arbor this year, and can you provide case numbers for them?
  2. Where is your physical office located?
  3. How well do you know the judges, prosecutors and police officers in Ann Arbor?
  4. What percentage of your practice is devoted to criminal cases?

At the Geherin Law Group, we specialize in criminal defense in and around Ann Arbor, and would be happy to answer each of these questions specifically for potential clients. Our office is based HERE in Washtenaw County, and we don’t have “satellite” offices elsewhere. Firm founder Daniel T. Geherin was born and raised in Washtenaw County, and has practiced criminal defense in and around Ann Arbor for over 25+ years. Without question, Dan and his team know all of the judges, prosecutors and police officers throughout Washtenaw County and have built long-lasting relationships in the local criminal justice system. To prove their dedication to criminal defense in Ann Arbor, we even post successful results.  

Clients should be looking for an Ann Arbor Criminal Defense Attorney who has a verifiable history of actually practicing criminal defense here in Washtenaw County, and doing so at a successful and frequent basis. Why is this so important?  Because every person charged with a criminal defense is in a major personal crisis. They’re often facing loss of their jobs, their family, their freedom and their reputation.  Choosing the right attorney to protect your interests often means the difference between preserving those rights and losing them outright. The right attorney is most often one who specializes in the clients’ particular issue, and has a long, successful and verifiable track record of success in that area.

At Geherin Law Group, to us, it’s Personal. Personal attention, personal results, personal justice. If you’re facing a criminal defense case in or around Ann Arbor, please consider giving us a call for a free consultation.  We can discuss our track record of criminal defense success in Washtenaw County, and put together a plan of attack to help you. Please call or email GLG Michigan 24/7 at (734) 263-2780 or online