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Retain a Criminal Defense Attorney in Ann Arbor with Real Trial Experience!

By Daniel T. Geherin

A man is charged with a crime he did not commit; a woman is arrested for drunk driving even though she only consumed two glasses of wine; a husband is jailed for domestic violence and prevented from going home because his ex-wife simply made an allegation of assault.  In these scenarios, the potential clients are scared, anxious and pressured to find the right Criminal Defense Attorney to help them.  We have seen these scenarios countless times, and we have heard the most common questions coming from clients in their shoes:

  • “How do I know who will fight for me, and not just take my money and overpromise results?”
  •  “How much trial experience does the attorney have?”
  • “What should I ask the potential attorney to reassure me that he/she will fight for me?”

Rest assured these are common questions, and they are not the only ones.  At the Geherin Law Group PLLC, we believe the best way to answer these questions is to call to speak to an attorney who specializes in criminal defense cases in and around Ann Arbor.   Dan Geherin is a board-certified criminal trial attorney and ex-prosecutor who specializes in criminal defense and has helped over 2,000 clients with cases ranging from traffic offenses to homicide. 

Dan does not treat clients like “numbers” or “files.”  He never overpromises or creates false expectations.  He treats every client with honesty, respect and professionalism.   Would it be helpful to know that he is rated AV-Preeminent© by Martindale-Hubbell, the highest rating available for ethics and experience?   Isn’t it assuring to see and review his more than 50 5-star client reviewsand his perfect 10.00 rating on 

So many attorneys advertise that they handle criminal cases in and around Ann Arbor.  But do they really go to TRIAL on these cases, or simply attempt to quickly plea-bargain each and every case to make a fast buck?  Ideally, your Ann Arbor Criminal Defense Attorney should have verifiable recent trial results to show that he/she is skilled in the courtroom, aggressive where necessary, and capable of standing up to the police and prosecutors who often overcharge or bring unnecessary actions.

You don’t become a board-certified criminal trial attorney like Dan unless you have a long and verifiable track record of success in the courtroom.  In fact, only 5% of attorneys nationwide are board-certified, and only 2 other attorneys in Michigan are board-certified in criminal law (and neither is in Washtenaw County)! 

Why is trial experience so important for a criminal defense attorney? Because the prosecution, police and judges all need to know that the attorney will fight aggressively for a client, or otherwise that attorney will never earn the respect he/she needs to successfully represent clients.  And, a proven track record of victories in the courtroom proves that the attorney knows the law, knows how to fight to help his/her clients, and can be the difference between a life-altering conviction and freedom.  Lastly, it is often trial-based attorneys who can secure the best plea deals for clients who desire them, as pre-trial litigation can often weaken the prosecutor’s case. 

With all the noise and confusion out there, clients looking for the best Criminal Defense Attorney in Ann Arbor should ask these questions of a potential attorney:

  • “When was the last criminal trial you conducted, and what was the result?”
  • “How many jury trials have you completed in the last 5 years?”
  • “Are you a board-certified criminal trial attorney?”

If the answers to these questions are either vague, unsatisfactory or unverifiable, please call us at the Geherin Law Group.  Dan will openly discuss his recent trial results, show you verifiable trial successes, and discuss his board-certification with you. We’re confident that you will find that his trial experience is unparalleled, and that his experience, reputation and resources will be a perfect fit for any Criminal Defense case in or around Ann Arbor.

If you're confused and anxious about finding the best Criminal Defense Attorney in Ann Arbor for your case, please consider calling the trial-based practice of the Geherin Law Group, PLLC. We can be reached 24/7 at (734) 263-2780, or via email  We offer free telephone or office consultations, and we would be happy to discuss why we believe a trial-based practice is the best option for Criminal Defense cases in Ann Arbor.