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Local area sees more counterfeit money - will there be arrests?

By Daniel T. Geherin

Many of our Ann Arbor readers probably have their own perceptions of someone who is charged with a "white collar crime." This term usually makes people think of felonies like embezzlement or insider trading as opposed to more "serious charges" like rape or burglary. The fact remains, however, that so-called white collar crimes can be very difficult for an accused person to deal with, especially when the charges land the suspect in federal court.

That may be what ultimately ends up happening if anyone is arrested in connection with a particularly troubling trend in the local area: the use of counterfeit money. According to a recent report, counterfeit money is surfacing regularly at many Ann Arbor area businesses. And, while seeing counterfeit bills apparently isn't that strange for local business operators, in recent weeks and months the frequency of these bills' use has increased and lower denomination bills in particular are becoming a bigger problem.

Regardless of how white collar crimes are perceived, counterfeiting is absolutely a felony charge. In fact, not only are local authorities usually involved in investigations into counterfeiting, but the United States Secret Service also investigates counterfeiting as part of that agency's mandate.

Defending felony charges in state court is one thing, but criminal charges in federal court can be much more of a problem for a criminal defendant. For starters, the investigation behind the charges is usually close to flawless due to the federal government's vast resources and the selective nature of involvement in criminal cases. And, the penalties for a conviction can be much more severe. These are the problems any alleged counterfeiter will face, including anyone arrested for the increasing problem in the Ann Arbor area.

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Source: Ann, "Counterfeit small bills regularly surfacing in Ypsilanti businesses," Tom Perkins, Aug. 24, 2013