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Will Your Holiday Celebration Result in the Need for a Drunk Driving Attorney in Ann Arbor?

By Daniel T. Geherin

During any holiday season, the number of drunk driving arrests spikes dramatically. Why? Two reasons: police enforcement of drunk driving goes up significantly during busy holiday seasons, and people tend to drink more during holiday parties, celebrations, outings etc. This combination leads to more stops, arrests, convictions, and people needing an expert drunk driving and driver’s license attorney.

People suffering the humiliation, anger and stress of a drunk driving arrest during the holidays often ask the following questions:

  • “Will I go back to jail for this?”
  • “How much am I looking at for fines?”
  • “Will my license be suspended?”
  • “Who will find out about this?”

In Ann Arbor, generally speaking, clients might expect to pay over one thousand dollars in base court fines/costs if convicted of a drunk driving offense. They might expect to lose their privileges to drive for a short period of time. And, they might expect to face jail time for subsequent offenses, or in the event of the slightest violation of bond or probationary conditions. These consequences are real, and they can be severe. Having a specialized, aggressive and experienced drunk driving attorney in Ann Arbor can often help avoid or severely lessen these consequences.

We answer these questions every day—whether following a busy holiday season, or not. At the Geherin Law Group of Michigan (“GLG Michigan”), we have dedicated our careers to helping people navigate the stressful and scary process of being charged with a drunk driving in and around Ann Arbor. Dan Geherin, the firm’s founding partner and owner, is a former prosecutor and board-certified criminal trial attorney who has been successfully defending drunk driving cases for over two decades. His track record of success in litigating and winning drunk driving cases is lengthy and well-established (and listed on his website). His success in negotiating favorable outcomes for clients who face serious consequences following a drunk driving arrest in Ann Arbor is also notable. And, he is the rare criminal defense attorney who also specializes in driver’s license restoration should a drunk driving case end in suspension or revocation of a client’s operator’s license.

If the holidays bring the wrong type of present—in the form of an arrest for a drunk driving—please contact GLG immediately. Waiting until the case opens often results in the loss of important evidence and information, and in some instances, can result in an arrest warrant. Our firm can talk you through options on how best to protect yourself and better your position once the case opens. We can ask to preserve evidence so that we have it when we need it. And, we can monitor the case progress to make sure you are not re-arrested and taken to jail once a case opens at the court.

For a dedicated, experienced and aggressive drunk driving attorney in Ann Arbor or in the surrounding areas, please contact Dan Geherin and his team at GLG Michigan. We’re available 24/7, and will help put you at ease, form a plan to handle the case, and fight aggressively to restore your reputation protect your freedom. Visit us at GLGMichigan, or call 24/7 (734) 263-2780.