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Driving while intoxicated over holidays can end with a DUI charge

By Daniel T. Geherin

The recent holiday weekend saw plenty of fireworks, family get-togethers and parties throughout Michigan. But, as with many other popular holidays, many of our Michigan readers may have noticed another common aspect of these times of the years: increased patrols and enforcement of drunk driving laws.

According to one report, law enforcement agencies in Washtenaw County in particular were ramping up their DUI enforcement efforts, with a coordinated program that was scheduled to last all the way through July 12. And these agencies are taking their efforts well beyond just driving around and paying more attention to look for the tell-tale signs of drunk driving, like weaving or running red lights.

The reports indicate that the law enforcement agencies are using sophisticated computer technology to determine exactly where they need to increase patrols. The computer programs analyze traffic and crime data so that the police departments know in which areas deploying their officers will serve the public most efficiently. Federal funds are used to pay the overtime hours that patrol officers clock during these increased holiday DUI patrol programs, so our readers can rest assured that the local police departments will be sure to spend every dollar they get for these programs.

For those among our readers who may think that they can still take a risk and get away with driving after having a few drinks, consider this: the report indicated that last year there were 115 people arrested during a period of similarly enhanced DUI patrols in the local area. It is quite obvious that law enforcement agencies in the Ann Arbor area take driving while intoxicated very seriously, and those who end up with a DUI charge during these holiday patrol periods can expect to face an aggressive prosecution effort.

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Source: Ann Arbor Journal, "Fourth of July drunk driving crackdown underway," July 5, 2014