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Have Questions About Whether You Have a Claim For Your Personal Injury? Turn to Geherin Law Group Attorneys For Answers

By Daniel T. Geherin

If you are injured by the negligent act of another, you might be entitled to full compensation from your own insurance company, directly from the other person or business, and/or from the other’s insurance company. Unfortunately, insurance companies often deny coverage, obstruct your claim, or delay until an injured person gives up (or worse, loses his or her legal ability to challenge the insurance company in court). 

After a personal injury occurs in and around Ann Arbor, you should ask the following questions: 

“Should I deal with the insurance company by myself, or contact an attorney?”

“How quickly should I consult with a Personal Injury Attorney?”

 “What compensation am I entitled to?”

The Geherin Law Group PLLC is a PERSONAL JUSTICE law firm in Ann Arbor that handles civil litigation, including representing individuals (never companies) who are injured by the “criminally-negligent” behavior of others. We answer these and other questions every day, in the following way:

  1. Should I deal with the insurance company by myself, or contact an attorney? No, you should not.As mentioned, insurance companies delay, obstruct and deny benefits and will not go out of their way to fairly and fully compensate victims. It cannot hurt and will almost certainly help to schedule a free consultation with our firm to see which benefits you’re entitled to and how to maximize your recovery under the law. 
  2. How quickly should I consult with a Personal Injury Attorney in Ann Arbor? Time is critical, whether you are injured due to an automobile or other accident, due to the negligent acts of another, or due to a civil rights violation. There are legal statutes of limitations on many such actions. They can be as short as a year from injury in some instances.
  3. What compensation am I entitled to? Our attorneys will identify insurance policies and other sources that provide coverage for injuries due to the negligence of others. If necessary, we will obtain economic and medical experts to determine the accurate value of loss. And, we will utilize our vast network of experts to fully investigate your claim and fight both in and out of court to make sure that you’re fully compensated for your injuries, loss of employment/enjoyment, pain and suffering, and other legally-recognized damages. 

At our free consultation, we will explain the legal process clearly and effectively. We will honestly assess whether you have a case, and if so, if we feel we’re the right law firm to help you. If we are, we will discuss how best to maximize your recovery and do with a contingency agreement so that you don’t pay any legal fees unless we recover fees for you. 

To Us, it’s Personal. That’s more than our slogan.  We fight every day, in and out of court, to bring personal justice to clients who have suffered a personal legal crisis. We take on insurance companies who refuse to pay people what they deserve following a severe injury or wrongful death. We sue bars and restaurants who overserve patrons who then in turn injure innocent bystanders. We even sue individuals and governmental workers who violate civil rights.  In short, we seek justice for individuals and families who have been harmed and need help. 

Want answers to questions following a Personal Injury? Need a strong, aggressive, intelligent and caring Personal Injury Attorney in Ann Arbor?  Please call the personal justice attorneys of GLG at (734) 263-2780 or send us an email at  We offer free telephone or office consultations; we offer contingency agreements whereby we don’t collect a dollar unless you do; and we only accept cases where we feel confident in bringing clients the justice they deserve.