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Gun Charges Attorney in Dexter, Michigan

By Daniel T. Geherin

Criminal charges are especially serious, and if the charge involves a gun, it’s likely to be more so. The State of Michigan employs strict gun charge laws that you’re well advised to take seriously. If you find yourself in the difficult position of facing a gun charge, you shouldn’t wait to reach out to an experienced gun charges attorney in Dexter, Michigan, for the legal guidance you need.  

Overview of Gun Charges in Michigan 

While the Second Amendment ensures the right to own a gun, there are primary limitations involved. In the State of Michigan, there’ s a comprehensive range of gun laws that apply.

Illegal Firearm Possession

In Michigan, there are several important parameters that guide legal gun possession, including:

●      The individual must be at least 18 years old.

●      The individual must answer at least 70 percent of the required basic pistol safety questionnaire correctly.

●      The individual can’t have a felony conviction – but there are instances when this restriction can be bypassed once three years have passed.

●      The individual can’t be committed to an institution for mental health reasons and can’t be declared legally insane. 

Carrying a Concealed Gun without a License

In order to carry a concealed gun, which means carrying it in your pocket, under your clothes, or in a bag, you need a concealed carry license. The same is true for carrying a gun in your vehicle – whether it’s concealed or not. The only exceptions are when you’re in your home, you are on your own property, or you’re at your own place of business. 

Negligent Discharge of a Firearm

When a gun is discharged negligently – without the care required – it can lead to criminal charges, and this is true even if the event was accidental. If the negligent discharge causes physical harm or damages to property, the matter is much more serious.

Criminal Activity Involving a Gun

When a gun is involved in the commission of a crime, the related charge is elevated, and so are the associated fines and penalties. 

Felon in Possession of a Gun

It’s illegal for a felon to be in possession of a gun, and the charge is called felony in posession of a firearm. There are circumstances when this restriction can be overcome with the passage of time.

Carrying a Gun Where It Isn’t Allowed

There are certain places where guns can’t be carried in the state of Michigan, and these include:

●      Weapons-free zones at schools

●      Hospitals

●      Houses of worship, such as churches and synagogues 

●      Theaters

●      Courthouses

●      Sports arenas

●      Casinos 

●      Daycare centers

There are also primary gun charges related to selling guns and manufacturing guns. Gun charges are criminal charges, and a conviction can leave you facing serious prison time, fines and a serious decline in your social standing. 

Most gun charges in Michigan are felonies. For example, carrying a concealed gun without a license comes with a prison sentence of up to 5 years and fines of up to $2,500. Misdemeanor gun charges generally relate to carrying a gun where it’s not allowed and aiming, brandishing, or waving a gun without malice. 

Types of Legal Representation 

If you or someone you care about is facing a gun charge, the first step is obtaining skilled legal representation. A criminal defense attorney with a wealth of experience successfully defending gun charges can help you:

●      Gather all the available evidence, including any that the Dexter Police Department or the prosecution is sitting on – with no intention of sharing.

●      Craft a strong defense strategy that takes the unique circumstances of your case into careful account.

●      Help to ensure that you avoid the common pitfalls that often plague those facing gun charges.

●      Ensure that you understand the legal process and that you make the best decisions for you throughout.

●      Skillfully negotiate with the state for your case’s best possible outcome – whether that means having the charge dropped, having the charge decreased, or obtaining a favorable sentence.

●      Being well prepared to take your case to court and to zealously advocate for its best possible outcome if the prosecution isn’t willing to resolve your case advantageously.

While a public defender is a less costly option, their breadth of experience can’t compare to the level of experience that a seasoned weapons charges lawyer brings to the table. They have to juggle many cases and don’t have the time, energy, or capacity to give your case the attention needed to help ensure your rights are well protected and your brightest future is supported. 

Finding a Gun Charges Attorney in Dexter 

Finding a practiced criminal defense attorney who has keen legal experience in gun charges requires doing a bit of research. Building a solid felony firearm defense requires focus, experience, and legal finesse, and you can find the right attorney for you by asking for recommendations from those you trust – including family members, friends, and attorneys in other areas of the law – and by checking out websites to gauge all of the following critical concerns:

●      The firm’s credentials

●      The firm’s overall level of experience

●      The firm’s standing in the community

●      The firm’s  level of commitment to their clients 

●      The firm’s overall client satisfaction – as told through reviews and testimonials.   

Gun charges in Dexter can crop up in relation to wide-ranging actions and wide-ranging locations, including all the following:

●      Along I-94, M-52, and  M-14 

●      At Hudson Mills Metropark

●      At Dexter Cider Mill 

Working with a Gun Charges Attorney in Dexter, Michigan 

At your initial consultation with a skilled Michigan gun crime lawyer, you’ll discuss the specifics of your case and will address a defense strategy. Common lines of defense include:

●      Self-defense

●      Lack of evidence, which translates to reasonable doubt

●      Failure to uphold your constitutional rights, such as protections from illegal search and seizure

●      Entrapment by the authorities

●      Accidental discharge

Criminal law is exacting, and having a dedicated gun charges attorney on your side who is committed to your case, who is available to you when you need them, and whose fierce advocacy is apparent can make a significant difference in the outcome. 

Protect your Rights Against Gun Charges

If you’re facing a gun charge, protecting your rights in support of your future is paramount, and having professional legal counsel in your corner can make all the difference. Finding the right attorney for you can take some effort, but the rewards can be difficult to overstate. Daniel T. Geherin is the founding and principal attorney at Geherin Law Group in Dexter and is one of only a handful of criminal defense attorneys in the state whom The National Board of Trial Advocacy has certified in criminal law. Our accomplished legal team has reserves of experience helping valued clients like you obtain beneficial case resolutions, and we’re here for you, too. Your future is well worth fighting for, and we encourage you to reach out and contact or call us at 734-263-2780 for more information about what we can do to help you today.