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Ann Arbor Criminal Defense Attorney

By Daniel T. Geherin

Daniel T. Geherin, founder and principal attorney at Geherin Law Group, PLLC (GLGMichigan) in Ann Arbor, has been immersed in the criminal justice system since 1995. In the 1980’s, Dan read the books “Helter Skelter” and “The Michigan Murders,” and he was convinced he needed to be part of the criminal justice system. He started his career as a Prosecutor in Los Angeles, joining the DA’s Office on the heels of the OJ Simpson “Trial of the Century” (in fact, he was hired by Gil Garcetti, the prosecutor during the OJ case).  As a Deputy DA, Dan prosecuted every type of criminal case imaginable, from white-collar embezzlement, to gang offenses, to juvenile crimes, to drunk driving. 

After six years, Dan left California and returned to his roots in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, Michigan.  Since then, he has proudly defined himself as an “Ann Arbor Criminal Defense Attorney,” establishing offices in Kerrytown, on Main Street, and now on Eisenhower Parkway across from the Ann Arbor Fire Station. For the last two decades, Dan has been widely recognized as one of the top criminal defense attorneys in Ann Arbor, defending every type of case from traffic offenses to high-profile homicide cases. He has received countless accolades for his work in the criminal defense field, and as of 2019, is the only board-certified criminal trial attorney in Ann Arbor (and one of only 3 in the State of Michigan). Most importantly, he has earned the respect and trust of his peers, of the judges, and of the police and prosecutors. 

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Ann Arbor are often tasked with this challenge:  Meeting people at their worst, while simultaneously instilling confidence that personal justice can be achieved. As importantly, Ann Arbor Criminal Defense Attorneys must be willing and ready to stand up and fight--intelligently and aggressively--for clients who are facing life-altering consequences of a criminal conviction. In those times of need, they need an Ann Arbor Criminal Defense Attorney committed to both results and client service.  With Dan and GLG Michigan, those are the triple-goals of their firm: Personal Attention, Personal Results, and Personal Justice. That’s our slogan and the mantra by which we defend all criminal charges cases in Ann Arbor and throughout Southeastern Michigan. 

Criminal Defense Attorneys often face a tough path—up against prosecutors, police, probation agents and judges who might not look favorably on their clients. But for those who have a strong reputation, a competitive will to win, and the resources/skills/experience to match their opposition, the playing field can indeed be leveled. For Dan and his team, they will never stop fighting for clients who need a dedicated, specialized, experienced, and client-focused Ann Arbor Criminal Defense Attorney. 

To Dan, being called an Ann Arbor Criminal Defense Attorney, is Personal.