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Personal Justice For Two Young Clients Facing False Claims

By Daniel T. Geherin

This month, two young clients of Geherin Law Group, PLLC. can breathe a huge sigh of relief and put their lives back together after being falsely accused of criminal wrongdoing.  

Charles[1] is a student at the University of Michigan who was wrongfully accused of domestic violence, sexual assault and other disciplinary violations by an ex-girlfriend. He faced sanctions ranging from being expelled from the University to being charged with serious felony offenses.  After a 6-month long journey through the ECRT Title IX hearing process and the Washtenaw County Criminal Justice System in which he fought for his innocence, Charles was completely exonerated of ALL false accusations.

Jesse[2] is a young professional working in Detroit, living his best life. That “best life” was interrupted and nearly cut short by a claim from a former girlfriend that he sexually assaulted her 3 years prior while they attended college.  He faced the very real prospect of going to prison for 15 years and being put on a public sex offender registry for 25 years.  He demanded a jury trial to prove he did nothing wrong, but his case was delayed because of  the Covid pandemic.  After rejecting plea offers from the prosecutor (for a crime he simply didn’t commit), he went to jury trial. The jury deliberated for all of 13 minutes, finding him not guilty. As a matter of fact, several of the jurors actually apologized to him for what he had to endure.  

These two guys are obviously fortunate not to have been convicted for crimes they didn’t commit. They’re fortunate enough that the system worked to make sure they had a fair trial.  And they were fortunate enough to have had the resources to retain a law firm like Geherin Law Group, who fought for them every step of the way to achieve their own personal justice.  Candidly, some people aren’t as fortunate, and end up losing everything over a false allegation.  

At Geherin Law Group, we specialize in college discipline and criminal defense in Ann Arbor and the surrounding areas, and we help people like Charles and Jesse every day. Firm founder Daniel T. Geherin is a former prosecutor and board-certified criminal trial attorney.  Dan was born and raised in Washtenaw County and has practiced criminal defense in and around Washtenaw County for over 22 years.  Without question, Dan and his team know all of the judges, prosecutors and police officers throughout Washtenaw County and have built long-lasting relationships with many in the local criminal justice system.  And, to prove their dedication to criminal defense in Ann Arbor, GLG even posts successful results on their website.  

Every person charged with a criminal offense or discipline action is in a major personal crisis.  They’re often facing loss of their careers, their tuition, their family, their freedom and their reputation. Choosing the right attorney to protect their interests often means the difference between preserving those rights and losing them forever. The right attorney is most often one who specializes in the clients’ particular issue, and has a long, successful and verifiable track record of success in that area.

At Geherin Law Group, to us, it’s personal: personal attention, personal results, personal justice.  If you’re facing a criminal allegation in Ann Arbor, please consider giving us a call for a free consultation. We can discuss our track record of criminal defense success in Washtenaw County and put together a plan to help.  Please call (734) 263-2780 or contact us.  

Geherin Law Group:  Protecting clients like Charles and Jesse, every day.  


[1]Name changed to protect identity.  

[2]Name changed to protect identity.