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Criminal Sexual Conduct - Felony Defense Attorney in Ann Arbor

By Daniel T. Geherin

Charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct in Michigan?

You need an experienced felony defense attorney.

Aside from a murder charge, being accused of rape is the most serious charge a person faces in Michigan—let alone any state.  Not only might the charge put a person in prison for the rest of his life, but the “secondary” consequences (sex offender registry, felony conviction, loss of parental rights—to name a few) are unquestionably life-shattering too.   From the moment the allegation is made, the accused is hit with a bolt of lightning that is tough to come back from---even if he/she is ultimately cleared or acquitted. 

In Michigan, sex offense allegations are generally grouped under the category of “Criminal Sexual Conduct”—known commonly by the acronym, “CSC.”  These charges range from date-rape allegations on school campuses, to improper workplace relationships, to molestation.  Being charged with a CSC of any type requires a strong, zealous defense to either exonerate the improperly accused or minimize the potential sentence exposure. 

Dan Geherin, owner of the Geherin Law Group PLLC (GLGMichigan) in Ann Arbor, has both prosecuted and defended thousands of sex-offense cases in his 22+year career.  As a former prosecutor, Dan prosecuted emotionally-charged CSC cases from start to finish.   As a board-certified criminal defense attorney, Dan has defended thousands of sex offense allegations, from capital crimes to misdemeanor touching allegations.  Dan has a long, verifiable and reported track record of success defending CSC allegations, both in terms of trial victories, voluntary dismissals and successful negotiations. 

As the published author of the book, Defending College Students Charged with a Sex-Offense: How to avoid the life-altering consequence of a conviction, Dan is one of the few go-to attorneys in Washtenaw County who handles serious, high-profile CSC allegations.  Every day, Dan answers calls from people facing allegations of Criminal Sexual Conduct, many of whom ask these types of questions:

“What is CSC?  What are the degrees?”

“Does there have to be proof beyond the complainant’s allegation?”

“How do I prove my innocence if I didn’t commit this offense”

“Will I go to jail/prison if I’m guilty of CSC?”

CSC allegations are generally divided into two categories:  Those alleging penetration, and those alleging sexual contact.  Under Michigan law, the definition of penetration is broad, and even includes conduct not typically thought of as penetration, such as oral sex.   CSC 1st and 3rd Degrees allege penetration, while CSC 2nd and 4th degrees allege sexual contact.  These charges range from a 2-year maximum misdemeanor offense to a capital (life-maximum) felony offense.  Some degrees of CSC carry mandatory state imprisonment, even for a defendant with no prior criminal history. 

CSC charges are formally brought by the State Prosecutor, not by the individual complainant/alleged victim.  However, these charges are occasionally levied by a disgruntled/jealous/regretful partner, or by an angry spouse aiming to get advantage in a divorce/custody fight.  Likewise, people are often charged despite no physical evidence at all, and only upon the word of the complainant.  Under Michigan law, the complainant’s testimony need not be corroborated for a CSC conviction, so it’s often important for a person to try to “prove his or her innocence,” which is completely abhorrent to our criminal justice system. 

Thus, for people facing these life-altering allegations, the best option is to consult with an experienced, aggressive, intelligent and specialized criminal defense attorney with a history of successfully defending these allegations.  And, it’s imperative that a person does so early—when the allegation first strikes—so that strategies can be employed to help turn the tide. 

Geherin Law Group - Felony Defense Attorney in Ann Arbor, Michigan

If you are accused of CSC in Ann Arbor or throughout Washtenaw County, please contact Dan Geherin, a felony defense attorney in Ann Arbor immediately.  We’re available 24/7, we have the experience, reputation and resources necessary in these allegations, and we fight aggressively to restore your reputation and protect your freedom.  Schedule online at GLGMichigan, or call 24/7 (734) 263-2780.   GLG Michigan:  Expertly handling CSC cases throughout Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County and Southeastern Michigan. 

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