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Police investigation leads to car chase through Ann Arbor streets

By Daniel T. Geherin

It's not every day that Ann Arbor residents see a scene unfold on the city streets that could be straight out of the latest action movie. But that is what happened on April 22, and as a result three men are facing some very serious charges.

According to the reports, the Michigan State Police had been investigating the three men involved in this recent incident when everything went south. The three men fled from law enforcement officials in a Nissan Altima, racing through Ann Arbor streets. The chase continued until the Altima slammed into another vehicle at a major intersection. The other vehicle was being driven by a teacher who had three students in his vehicle, reportedly on their way to a field trip. Fortunately, none of them were seriously injured.

The drama got kicked up a notch after the accident, as law enforcement officials swarmed the scene of the crash with guns drawn. It appears that the three suspects in the Altima were believed to be armed and dangerous, and the police officers were not taking any chances.

The reports indicate that the three criminal suspects could be facing felony drug charges, as they are alleged to be suspected heroin dealers from Detroit. The initial details on this case were sketchy at best, perhaps because it is believed that several undercover officers were involved in the investigation. However, if the allegations have any truth to them, these three men will have their work cut out for them in attempting to craft a criminal defense in light of the very public nature of their actions and arrests. The felonies they are likely to be charged with will probably come with the potential for some very serious penalties.

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