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Washtenaw County Juvenile Defense Attorney

By Daniel T. Geherin

It’s one of the scariest calls a parent can receive: their teenage son or daughter has been arrested, cited, or charged with a criminal offense in Washtenaw County. Short of an accident, injury, or serious medical diagnosis--a call from a school official or police officer that a child has been arrested causes immeasurable fear and anxiety for parents.  All the terrible thoughts run through a parent’s mind:

  • “Will my son have permanent record because of this?”
  • “Will my daughter have to reveal this on a college or job application?”
  • “Will my client be kicked out of school for this?”
  • “Is there a chance my child will be removed from our home, or sent to juvenile hall?”

In Michigan, kids under the age of 17 who allegedly commit crimes are generally charged as juvenile offenders with what are called “delinquency” offenses (instead of being called “crimes.”).  In some instances, kids can even be charged as adults for certain enumerated (and very serious) offenses.   Juvenile cases are heard in a specific branch of the Circuit Court called, of course, Juvenile Court.  And, most often, they are presided over by Referees as opposed to Judges.  Lastly, the entire nomenclature of juvenile court is different than adult court (i.e., Inquiry vs. Arraignment; Placement vs. Jail; Respondent vs. Defendant, etc.).  However, the consequences of a juvenile conviction (aka, an “adjudication”) can have lasting and public consequences of juveniles.

Dan Geherin, owner of the Geherin Law Group in Ann Arbor (“GLG Michigan”), is a former prosecutor and board-certified criminal trial attorney who has been practicing juvenile law for over two decades.   Since starting his career as a juvenile court prosecutor in 1996, he has been defending juveniles (and reassuring their parents) for 25+ years and has helped thousands of juvenile clients in that timeframe.  Unlike many criminal defense attorneys who refuse to handle juvenile cases (primarily because they don’t understand the nuance and procedural differences from adult court), Dan has truly separated himself as an attorney dedicated to helping juveniles navigate their way through a very scary and uncertain process. 

Often, parents who receive this terrible call often ask Dan these questions:

  • “Do I even need an attorney for my child?” 
  • “Are there any attorneys who actually specialize in juvenile delinquency defense”?
  • “Is there a way to avoid a public conviction for my child”?

Because the consequence for a juvenile are often so serious (and open to the public), finding a specialized attorney who handles juvenile defense is of paramount importance.  After all, parents take their children to pediatric doctors and dentists, and should consider no differently when it comes to their kids’ freedom, reputation, and academic career. 

Dan is a published author with the Michigan Institute of Continuing Legal Education on the Collateral Consequence of a Juvenile Conviction.  Dan’s track record of success in litigating and winning juvenile cases is lengthy and well-established (and listed on his website).  His success in negotiating favorable outcomes for juvenile clients who face serious consequences following a delinquency charge in Ann Arbor is also remarkable.  And, he is the rare criminal defense attorney who also specializes in juvenile cases and truly enjoys that area of practice. 

For a dedicated, experienced and aggressive juvenile criminal defense attorney in Washtenaw County, please contact Dan Geherin and his Ann Arbor-based team at GLG Michigan.  We’re available 24/7, and will help put you at ease, form a plan to handle the case, and fight aggressively to restore your child’s reputation and protect his/her freedom.  Visit us at GLGMichigan, or call 24/7 (734) 263-2780.