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Woman arrested with alleged blood alcohol content level of .23

By Daniel T. Geherin

Most of our readers have probably heard about Michigan's "Super Drunk" law by now. The crux of the law is that a regular DUI charge will be enhanced to a higher charge with the potential for more significant penalties if a driver is alleged to have a blood alcohol content level at the time of the arrest that meets or exceeds .17. The minimum legal limit for a BAC level for someone to face a drunk driving charge in Michigan is .08.

According to a recent report, a woman from Ann Arbor is alleged to have run afoul of the Super Drunk law on February 27. Police officers were said to have noticed a driver swerving on the roads late in the evening on that date. When the officers stopped the vehicle they reportedly proceeded to conduct field sobriety tests - tests which the 27-year-old woman is said to have failed. The police officers also conducted a breath test on the driver. The results reportedly showed a BAC level of .23.

Any type of criminal charge for driving while intoxicated can be more than just an inconvenience to a Michigan resident. But, when the DUI charge is enhanced, whether it is under the Super Drunk law or because of other factors like causing an accident with injury or being arrested for multiple offenses, the enhanced charge is much more difficult to defend against.

For the Ann Arbor woman arrested in this recent incident, the prospect of a criminal conviction is very real unless she begins to immediately take proactive steps to craft a criminal defense. Examining the manner in which the field sobriety and breath tests were conducted is a start, but if there are limited options the woman may at least be able to negotiate with the prosecutor in order to get the charges reduced - especially if this is her first arrest.

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Source: mLive, "Police: Woman arrested for driving with BAC almost 3 times over the limit," Kyle Feldscher, March 4, 2014