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Several suspects in Ypsilanti may end up facing robbery charges

By Daniel T. Geherin

Some of our Ann Arbor readers may have heard by now that two instances of robbery allegedly occurred in Ypsilanti within a nine hour period from Wednesday, September 11, to Thursday, September 12. According to the reports, the first instance involved a man showing a handgun to another man inside a local business and demanding money. The second instance, which allegedly occurred early in the morning on September 12, involved three men approaching a fourth man and demanding his wallet. The suspects allegedly "jumped" the victim and stole his wallet.

Robbery is a serious felony charge. However, the severity of the charge often depends on the circumstances in each particular case. For instance, in the first incident noted above, which involved a handgun, that suspect could face a more serious charge because of the use of a firearm during the commission of the offense. Normally, as was the circumstance in the second case, a robbery that does not involve a firearm would be a less severe felony charge, although the allegedly bodily injury in that case will likely increase the severity of the charges.

The severity of the charge can impact the potential sentence. Obviously, the more severe the charge the more severe the potential punishment. First-time offenders may see a bit of leniency, but defendants with a history of arrests and convictions are more likely to face a prison sentence if convicted.

Felonies should definitely be taken seriously. The impact of a felony conviction on a person's life can be substantial. However, it is important to remember that an arrest does not equal a conviction. The criminal justice system is set up to ensure that a defendant's rights are protected at every step of the process, but knowing those rights ahead of time is crucial to ensuring that they are protected.

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