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Gun Charges Attorney in Ypsilanti, Michigan

By Daniel T. Geherin

While the Second Amendment affords us strong protections in relation to owning guns, there are limits involved that are designed to balance the people’s rights, the governments interests, and public safety. Gun charges are common charges in the State of Michigan, and a conviction can lead to serious consequences that alter the course of your future. If a gun charge has been levied against you, an experienced criminal defense attorney in Ypsilanti is standing by to help. 

The Role of an Ypsilanti Gun Charges Attorney 

Because gun charges are complex legal matters that can lead to jail time, costly fines, and social stigma, bringing a solid defense is paramount, and for that, you are advised to have professional legal counsel in your corner. The advantages of having a dedicated firearms lawyer backing you up can be difficult to overstate. To begin, your Ypsilanti Gun crime defense lawyer will ensure that you avoid the costly mistakes that many who face gun charges fall victim to, including failing to invoke their right to remain silent. 

Your Michigan gun charges attorney will ably take on all the following primary roles in pursuit of your case’s best possible resolution:

●      Carefully gathering and compiling all the available evidence, including any evidence that the police or the prosecution may be holding back

●      Crafting a strong defense strategy that the state has a difficult time refuting

●      Engaging in skillful negotiations with the state that bolster your best interests and can potentially lead to the case against you being dropped altogether, to the charges against you being reduced, or to the penalties you face being reduced

●      Being well prepared to take your case to court when doing so is the best path forward

Don’t wait to consult with a seasoned Ypsilanti Second Amendment attorney.

Gun Laws in Michigan 

Like other states, Michigan takes its gun laws seriously. Michigan implemented several new gun laws in 2023 related to universal background checks and the temporary removal of guns from those whom judges deem dangerous.

According to ClickOnDetroit, Michigan ranks right about in the middle when it comes to gun safety in the United States. The gun violence rate per 100,000 residents in Michigan is above the national average, and its gun law strength composite score is 25.5 out of 100 – with an overall classification as missing key laws. The state’s gun violence rate per 100,000 is 15.4, which also exceeds the national average. Comparing Michigan to other states at the high and low end of the spectrum helps to paint a clearer picture. Consider the following:

●      California, ranked number 1, has a gun law strength of 86.5 and a gun violence rate of 9.

●      Mississippi, ranked number 50, has a gun law strength of 3 and a gun violence rate of 33.9.

Most gun charges in Michigan are levied as felonies, which – at the lower end – can carry up to 5 years in prison and fines of up to $2,500. It’s also important to note that, when guns are used in the commission of other crimes, the charge and attendant penalties are elevated. 

Gun crimes that are charged as misdemeanors include carrying a firearm in a restricted area and brandishing or waiving a gun without malice. Because even a misdemeanor charge can profoundly affect your future, reaching out for a trusted Ypsilanti criminal defense lawyer’s professional legal counsel sooner rather than later is always well advised. 

Types of Gun Charges 

Gun charges in Michigan come in many categories, including those related to firearms weapon possession, concealed carry, felony possession, as well as manufacture and sale. 

Gun Possession

To own a gun in Michigan, the following requirements must be met:

●      Must be at least 18 years old

●      Must correctly answer at least 70 percent of the basic pistol safety questionnaire 

●      No felony convictions – although this restriction can be lifted in certain situations after three years have passed

Additionally, it is unlawful for anyone who is committed to an institution for a mental health condition or who is declared legally insane to own a gun. 

Concealed Carry

A license is required to carry a concealed gun in Michigan, and this includes carrying a gun in your vehicle. Exceptions include your home, your property, or your place of business.

Felony Firearm

Felons are barred from owning or possessing guns in Michigan – except after specific conditions have been met, including the passage of a specific amount of time.

Commission of a Crime with a Gun

Being in possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime amplifies both the charge and the related fines and penalties. 

Negligent Discharge 

When a gun is discharged negligently – even if it’s an accident – it’s against the law, and if someone is injured or property is damaged in the process, the charge is enhanced.

Reach out for a Ypsilanti gun crime lawyer’s skilled counsel today.  

Choosing a Gun Charges Attorney in Ypsilanti, Michigan 

Choosing the right Michigan firearm defense attorney for your case comes down to finding an attorney who has a considerable amount of legal experience in addition to an imposing track record for success in relation to favorable outcomes. 

When it comes to making this important decision, look for a practiced weapon possession charges lawyer who checks all the following boxes:

●      An impressive range of experience

●      Solid communication skills 

●      Client satisfaction that is reflected by confidence-inspiring reviews and testimonials

●      A thoughtful website that provides you with a better understanding of the firm

●      Commitment to your case

●      Personal attention and availability when you need it

●      Keen strategizing skills

●      Compassion

●      A strong working relationship with the state that bolsters successful negotiations

Your accomplished Ypsilanti Michigan Second Amendment lawyer will play an important role in the resolution of your case.

Ypsilanti, Michigan Gun Charge Statistics

According to The Eastern Echo, there was a significant increase in felonious assaults throughout Washtenaw County in a recent year, and the most common charge was domestic gun violence. Keeping guns out of the hands of violent criminals is a primary concern of the Ypsilanti Police Department. Gun law violations are a serious issue in all the following areas:

●      Along US Route 12, US Route 23, Michigan State Route 17, and Michigan State Route 94 

●      On the Eastern Michigan University campus

●      In the Ypsilanti Historic District 

●      At Riverside Park 

●      At Ypsilanti Peninsular Paper Dam 

Seek the counsel of a dedicated gun charges attorney in Ypsilanti for the help you need to protect your legal rights.  

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