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Criminal Defense Attorney in Ypsilanti, Michigan

By Daniel T. Geherin

Criminal charges have a broad range, and a conviction at even the lowest level can lead to serious consequences that can make it difficult to bounce back. In addition to jail time and hefty fines, there can also be a damaging social stigma to contend with. If you’re facing a criminal charge of any kind, an experienced Ypsilanti criminal defense attorney can help. 

Drug Charges

Drug charges are common in Ypsilanti - and penalties associated with convictions are harsh. Illegal drugs or possession of prescription drugs without a prescription are classified by the federal government in five different schedules that are based on the drug’s medical value as well its potential for dependency and abuse. Schedule I drugs have the most significant potential for abuse. Consider the following:

●      Schedule 1 drugs include LSD, heroin, and MDMA or ecstasy. 

●      Marijuana is classified as a Schedule I drug at the federal level, but because recreational marijuana is legal in Michigan, drug charges related to marijuana are a separate matter.

●      Schedule II drugs include cocaine, opium, Oxycodone, high-grade morphine, and methamphetamine.

●      Schedule III drugs include anabolic steroids, ketamine, and lower-grade morphine.

●      Schedule IV drugs include prescription medications like Ambien, Valium, Xanax, and more.

●      Schedule V drugs include certain cough medications, Lomotil, and Lyrica.

Common drug charges include possession, delivery and manufacture, prescription fraud, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Drug crimes lead to serious charges, and if you’re facing one, you shouldn’t delay consulting with a Ypsilanti drug crime lawyer.   

Gun Charges

Gun charges in Michigan are also common, including all the following:

●      Felony firearm – or a felon in possession of a firearm 

●      Firearm concealed – or carrying a concealed gun without a license to do so

●      Carrying a pistol in a vehicle

●      Illegal discharge of a firearm

●      Brandishing a firearm without malice

There are also places in the State of Michigan where it’s illegal to carry a gun, including:

●      Houses of worship

●      Theaters

●      Schools

●      Courts 

●      Casinos 


OWI – or Operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated – refers to driving a vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) that meets or exceeds the legal limit, which is .08 percent. A conviction for a first OWI can carry jail time, fines, probation, license suspension, and community service. For additional offenses and for aggravated offenses, the consequences are even more serious. Common aggravating factors include:

●      Having a very high BAC

●      Having a child in the car while driving under the influence

●      Causing someone else to be harmed

Shoplifting and Theft

In Michigan, shoplifting is termed retail theft, and like the charge of theft, it refers to taking property from someone else without their permission. The severity of the charge correlates with the overall value of the goods stolen. 

Sex Crimes

In Michigan, sexual offenses are classified as assault and aggravated assault, and the state takes the matter very seriously. Common charges include:

●      Sexual assault or sexual assault and battery

●      Rape 

●      Child pornography

●      Child molestation

●      Prostitution – or solicitation

●      Public indecency  

Violent Crimes 

Violent crimes are crimes in which the perpetrator engages in violence. The violence can be the sole purpose of the crime, or it can be a means to an end. Common examples include:

●      Robbery

●      Domestic violence

●      Aggravated assault

●      Homicide 

Facing a violent crime charge? Reach out for the professional legal counsel of a dedicated Ypsilanti criminal defense attorney.

Know Your Rights 

Facing a criminal charge is nothing short of overwhelming, but knowing your rights can help you navigate the path forward toward your case’s best possible outcome. 

Evidence against You Must be Collected in Accordance with the Law

The police must have probable cause to search your person, your car, or your home, and this means the search must be predicated on a fact-based conclusion that other reasonable people would also arrive at. Having a hunch or suspicion doesn’t cut it. Any evidence gathered outside these confines can’t be used against you. 

You Have the Right to Remain Silent 

If you’re arrested or detained for questioning, the police are required to read you your rights, including your right to remain silent. This is your cue to actually remain silent because if you continue to talk or to answer questions, what you say can be used against you – and they very likely will be.

You Have the Right to an Attorney 

The officers are also required to inform you of your right to an attorney - and the time to make your call is right away. Having seasoned Ypsilanti criminal defense attorney on your side can play a significant role in how your case is resolved. 

Build Your Strongest Defense 

If a criminal charge has been levied against you, skillfully defending yourself is key, and this often comes down to reasonable doubt. If the state doesn’t have enough evidence to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, it lays the groundwork for a solid defense. Your case will be specific to the unique circumstances that make it up, but your defense will likely hinge on a strategy like one of the following:

●      You were acting in self-defense.

●      You were wrongfully accused. 

●      You have a compelling alibi.

●      The evidence against you is shoddy. 

●      You were mistakenly identified. 

●      You were entrapped by the police.

●      Some or all of the evidence used against you was obtained by illegal search and seizure – or was otherwise obtained illegally.

Turn to a savvy Ypsilanti criminal defense attorney near you for the guidance you need. 

Your Attorney’s Role  

Having skilled legal counsel backing you up can mean the difference between an advantageous outcome and one that is far less so. Your skilled criminal defense attorney in Ypsilanti will take on all the following primary tasks:

●      Helping you avoid the legal traps that defendants often fall prey to.

●      Gathering all the evidence in your case, including any that the authorities would prefer to keep to themselves

●      Rooting out any evidence against you that was obtained illegally.

●      Strategizing an effective defense that incorporates the available evidence.

●      Attempting to negotiate a favorable settlement with the prosecutor handling your case.

●      If you choose not to take a plea bargain, taking your case to court.

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