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The Best DUI Attorney in Ann Arbor Has a Verifiable History of Doing This!

By Daniel T. Geherin

Without question, the best DUI is a dismissed DUI. After all, the consequences of a drunk driving conviction are enormous:  Financial costs (often exceeding $5,000.00); driver’s license suspensions (and loss of employment that might be a result); embarrassment and shame (and often a loss of employment or relationship because of it); jail and/or long-term probation; loss of travel privileges; loss of CDL privileges; and other collateral consequences. If a DUI is dismissed or a person is found not guilty, then the only real costs are attorney fees—which would be worth every single penny. 

So, when you’re looking for the “best” DUI Attorney in Ann Arbor, you should be asking potential firms these questions:

“When was the last DUI case at which you won a pre-trial motion?  What judge?  What issue?”

“When was the last DUI case that you won a jury trial? Which court? Which prosecutor?”

“Can you point me to (anonymous) cases on your website which show a commitment to litigating drunk driving cases?”

“Can you point me to (anonymous) client reviews/testimonials from drunk driving clients who’ve used your services and won litigation?”

At the Geherin Law Group, we specialize in DUI defense in and around Ann Arbor, and would be happy to answer each of these questions fully. Daniel T. Geherin has a 20-year track record of success in litigating DUI cases---first as a prosecutor, then as a defense attorney. He has won countless pre-trial motions throughout Washtenaw County on issues ranging from an illegal stop, to illegal arrest, to improper administration of tests, to operation issues, to scientific challenges. Likewise, he has won many bench and jury trials on drunk driving cases, and verifies those results on his website with a case number. And, he has received a myriad of 5-star reviews from drunk driving clients who have been the proud benefactor of his litigation skills in the courtroom. 

So, in essence, clients should be looking for DUI Attorneys who have a verifiable history of litigating and winning drunk driving cases. Why is this so important? Four reasons.

  1. Prosecutors and police will not respect attorneys who seek to plea-bargain every single DUI case, and will thus make fewer and less reasonable offers to them.
  2. Judges are more likely to side on behalf of a skilled defense attorney who knows the law, argues it persuasively, and has a history of success on similar motions.
  3. Clients of successful DUI Attorneys who do decide to take advantage of a plea bargain will know that their attorney has exhausted every possible litigation option before advising a plea. And
  4. Clients pay a lot of hard-earned money for representation, so they deserve to get their full value back from a skilled litigation attorney.

Obviously, no client can guarantee a particular result, and we at the Geherin Law Group never ever guarantee a result or pretend that we can magically make a DUI case disappear. However, rest assured that we are trained how to search and find litigation prospects, and we’ll turn over every single stone in an attempt to have a DUI case dismissed. Only after a diligent litigation effort will we turn to negotiation, unless that’s a client’s objective from the beginning. After all, we always put our clients’ objectives first.

If you’re looking for the best DUI results in Ann Arbor, please contact us, or call us 24/7 at (734) 263-2780.  Let us put our combined 30 years’ of DUI litigation experience to work for you.