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How Do I Find a Good Criminal Attorney?

By Daniel T. Geherin


The criminal justice “freight train” may have slowed down for the COVID-19 health pandemic, but it hasn’t stopped. Police are still pulling people over and arresting them; prosecutors are still charging people with misdemeanor and felony offenses; and many cases are just now opening at the courts after months of laying dormant.  So, If you or a loved one faces a criminal charge, you are probably left wondering how to find a good (and often, the best) criminal defense attorney in Ann Arbor to help.

Daniel T. Geherin, founder and principal attorney at Geherin Law Group, PLLC (GLGMichigan), is a former prosecutor and board-certified criminal trial attorney through The National Board of Trial Advocacy. Only 5% of attorneys nationwide receive board-certification from NBTA. As of 2019, Dan is one of only 3 attorneys in the State of Michigan to be board-certified in criminal law and the only certified criminal attorney in Washtenaw County.

Every day, Dan and his team field calls from people who are searching for a good criminal defense attorney. They often have a list of potential attorneys that they’ve talked to or researched online.  They often ask a series of (good) questions, such as:

“How long have you been a criminal attorney?”

“Is criminal law your specialty?”

“Will you be handling my case, or will it be turned over to an associate attorney?”

“How much will it cost to have a good criminal defense attorney?”

Finding a good criminal defense attorney is vitally important to achieving a good and just result.  Too many attorneys are either inexperienced in criminal defense, don’t put in the effort and diligence needed to successfully obtain results, or are afraid to go to trial on a criminal case. The criminal justice system only works when an accused person has a dedicated, diligent and ethical criminal defense attorney to help. How does an accused person find such an attorney, especially during a health pandemic when face-to-face meetings are often impossible?

First, the client should interview several attorneys before making a choice; if that means setting up a virtual consultation by Zoom, the attorney should offer that opportunity. Like any other professional choice, clients should feel ultra-comfortable with their choice of a criminal attorney, and interviewing the attorney about his or her background, experience and approach is a crucial part of that process.

Second, the client should research the attorney’s background: Has he or she been practicing for a few years, or decades?  Has the attorney been a prosecutor and defense attorney so that he can see both sides of a case?  Does the attorney have objective ratings of success—such as by peer or client reviews? Does the attorney have any ethical or discipline complaints in his or her background?

Third, the client should make sure the attorney fees are transparent and detailed in a written agreement, and that they’re fair and commensurate with the attorney’s experience and reputation.  Also, the client should make sure they won’t be “passed off” to another attorney after retention. The client should feel certain that the fees they’ll be paying will be earned by an attorney who will keep them updated on the status of their case; who will always be available for questions; and who ultimately will fight like hell to achieve the client’s objectives. 

Dan has been practicing for over 25+ years, first as a prosecutor and then as a criminal defense attorney.  He offers a free, no pressure consultation (in the office, or virtually).  He has been rated AV-Preeminent, the highest rating available from Martindale Hubbell, and has nearly 200 5-star client reviews. Dan is dedicated to providing the highest level of results and satisfaction to every client he represents, and is always happy to answer any questions about his background before a client decides to retain his firm.  

Before making a decision, clients should review our website and take a look at our Client Commitment and Transparency in Fees so that that potential clients can feel comfortable in their choice. The firm lists Favorable Results and client/peer Reviews so that people looking for a good criminal attorney know they have found someone with a long, proven track record of success in the courtroom and unparalleled client satisfaction.  

If you’re looking for an experienced, aggressive, board-certified criminal attorney for any felony, misdemeanor, drunk driving or juvenile case throughout Southeastern Michigan, your choice is clear: Dan Geherin at Geherin Law Group, PLLC. He offers free, no-obligation consultations by telephone, video or in-person; is available 24/7; and will fight zealously to restore his clients’ reputation and freedom.