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Nationwide operation targets child sexual abuse, sex trafficking

By Daniel T. Geherin

Over the last several years our Ann Arbor readers may have noticed that sex trafficking, especially child sex trafficking, has become a major concern of both state and federal law enforcement agencies. Many people still believe that this issue is a foreign one - one that doesn't have an impact outside of major metropolitan areas like Los Angeles or New York City. However, a nationwide law enforcement effort - one that is now occurring once per year - made national news recently and shows that these types of sex crimes can occur almost anywhere.

The reports indicate that the law enforcement operation, known as "Operation Cross Country," resulted in approximately 170 children being rescued from what the authorities allege were sex trafficking rings. Arrests were plentiful in the operation as well: 281 alleged "pimps" were arrested and will now face a variety of charges on both the federal and state levels. The operation swept across 106 American cities.

Law enforcement efforts to police this type of illegal activity continue to evolve. For instance, in past operations many of the children who were rescued from these alleged operations were said to have been sold for sex on the stereotypical "street corner." However, in this most recent operation law enforcement officials noted the increased use of the Internet to facilitate these illegal sex transactions.

Allegations that include child sexual abuse, as seen in this recent nationwide operation, will lead to an aggressive prosecution effort, usually after an extensive investigation. When cybercrime is part of the case, often involving a computer forensics analysis, the task of crafting a criminal defense strategy will only become more difficult. For individuals who find themselves in this type of situation, getting the right information about the available options early on in the case can be crucial.

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Source: Yahoo! News, "FBI: Children rescued in sex-trafficking crackdown," Eric Tucker, June 23, 2014