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By Daniel T. Geherin

First you see the sirens, then you see the uniformed officer approaching. Your heart starts beating uncontrollably, and within minutes, you’re asked to step from your car, perform several difficult tests, and blow into a tube.  You’re arrested.  You’re put into a jail cell. Your license is confiscated.   These questions will begin rolling through your head:

“I felt fine to drive, how do I know if my arrest was valid?”

“How will this affect my license?  My job? My freedom?”

“What happens next?  When do I have to go to court?”

“Who is the best Ann Arbor DUI Attorney to help me?

For 25+ years, Attorney Dan Geherin has heard these questions from clients who are suffering the anxiety, fear and anger that follows a DUI arrest.  The Geherin Law Group PLLC (GLGMichigan) is a local criminal justice firm based in Ann Arbor that specializes in defense of DUI/OWI cases.   Dan is a former prosecutor who has helped thousands of clients with DUI cases in and around Ann Arbor.  Approximately 50% of his client base consists of drunk driving defense. 

Soon after an arrest, a client can take steps to better his/her position in defense of the DUI case.  Dan will help form a plan of attack which will include meeting, discussing the arrest, interviewing witnesses, preserving and reviewing evidence, and advising how clients can help themselves.  He will determine whether there is a viable litigation challenge to the case, and if so, he will explore the best path to victory.  He will discuss whether the arrest was valid, whether the tests were properly administered, and whether a good trial issue exists.  

So many attorneys advertise that they handle DUI defense cases in and around Ann Arbor.  But do they regularly practice here, or do they occasionally appear here?  Your Ann Arbor DUI Attorney should have verifiable long-term results in DUI cases; should know the judges, prosecutors and police officers in the county; and should be comfortable discussing all the policies and procedures at play for a DUI case here.  Your DUI Attorney in Ann Arbor should be able to discuss his/her specific training and experience in not only handing these cases, but in actually litigating them.  Lastly, your Ann Arbor DUI Attorney should also be a driver’s license specialist

Why is it so important to have an experienced and specialized DUI/License Attorney in Ann Arbor?  Because so much is often at stake:  Your driving privileges; your freedom; your career.  Every judge and prosecutor treats DUI/OWI arrests differently, and having an attorney with decades of verifiable experience will help navigate the legal red tape and earn a favorable result.    

To help determine the best DUI Attorney in Ann Arbor, please ask these questions:

“Do you have specific training and education you’ve completed to become a DUI specialist?”

“How many DUI trials have you completed in Washtenaw County in the last 5 years?”

“Are you also a driver’s license specialist, or just a criminal attorney?”

If the answers to these questions don’t make you feel any better, please call GLGMichigan.  Dan will happily discuss his DUI training and litigation experience with you.  He will pinpoint exactly what driver’s license sanctions you might be facing.  And, he will form a plan that gives each client personal options, personal results, and personal justice following a DUI arrest in Ann Arbor.  

If you are looking to pick up the pieces following a DUI Arrest in Ann Arbor, please consider calling Dan Geherin, a DUI attorney in Ann Arbor at GLGMichigan. We can be reached 24/7 at (734) 263-2780, or via email  We offer free telephone or office consultations, and we would be happy to discuss why we believe we are the perfect firm to help answer your questions and put your life back together.