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Dexter Criminal Defense Attorneys

By Daniel T. Geherin

Facing a criminal charge puts you in a very difficult position, and taking the right steps to protect your legal rights early on can make a serious difference in the outcome of your case. As someone facing criminal charges, it is important to understand that a conviction could result in extremely serious consequences that could affect you for decades. As a result, you need the professional legal services of an experienced Dexter criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Solid Legal Representation Is Key

The State of Michigan doesn’t take criminal charges lightly, and if they are coming for you, you should consider yourself outmanned. In order to bring your strongest legal defense, you need a focused criminal defense lawyer defending your rights from the start. The fact is that the penalties, fines, and social stigma associated with a conviction can derail your life, and you shouldn’t wait to get the help you need. 

Your Seasoned Attorney

The criminal defense services provided by your criminal defense attorney in Dexter include ably handling all the following primary tasks:

●      Helping you better understand the charge brought against you, which can help you participate directly in your own defense

●      Helping you avoid some of the mistakes that defendants in your position are vulnerable to

●      Helping to ensure that you are treated fairly and in accordance with your legal rights throughout the legal process

●      Gathering all the available evidence, which includes ensuring that the state and the police hand over everything they have and ensuring that all the evidence being used against you was obtained in accordance with all search and seizure laws

●      Formulating a solid defense strategy and employing it to weave the evidence in your case into your strongest defense

●      Engaging in skilled negotiations with the prosecution to effect a beneficial resolution, which could include your charge being dropped completely or a positive plea deal

●      Carefully preparing to take your case to trial if the prosecution refuses to engage in fair negotiations or shows no interest in altering its position

The benefits of having a practiced criminal defense attorney on your side can be difficult to overstate. 

Common Criminal Charges in Michigan

Some of the most common criminal charges levied in the State of Michigan include:

●      The charge of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated (OWI) refers to driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) that is over the legal limit of .08 percent. If the charge isn’t the person’s first or they have a child in the car at the time, charge enhancements can apply.

●      Gun charges are both serious and common, and they can relate to possession, felony possession, concealed carry without a license, negligent discharge, and beyond. Most gun charges are felony charges. 

●      Sex crime charges are wide-ranging, and the penalties associated with convictions are steep. Common examples include sexual assault and sexual assault and battery, rape and statutory rape, indecent exposure and gross indecency, child molestation, child pornography, prostitution and solicitation, human trafficking, and more.

●      Theft and retail fraud, which refers to shoplifting, are common crimes, and the severity of the charge is based on the value of the property in question. 

●      Violent crimes are some of the most serious charges, and they include domestic violence, robbery, aggravated battery, and homicide.  

Regardless of the kind of charge you’re facing, a dedicated criminal defense lawyer in Dexter can help.  

Your Defense

You’ve been charged with a crime, but that doesn’t make you guilty of the crime, and the time to focus on your defense is now. While the circumstances of your case are unique, most defense strategies fall into categories like the following:

●      You're innocent, and you have evidence to prove it.

●      The state’s case doesn’t support your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

●      The person who made the accusation against you did so under false pretenses. 

●      Your constitutional rights haven’t been upheld.

●      Some of the evidence against you was obtained through illegal search and seizure. 

●      You have an ironclad alibi.

●      You acted in self-defense. 

●      The police entrapped you. 

Your accomplished criminal defense lawyer’s focus is on building a defense that is difficult for the state to refute. 

Finding the Right Criminal Defense Attorney for Your Case 

If you’ve been hit with criminal charges, you know you need legal services, but you may have no idea how to find the right attorney for your case. You’re looking for an attorney with a focused background in criminal law and who has an impressive track record for successfully guiding challenging cases toward favorable outcomes. 

To find a good fit, keep all the following in mind:

●      Ask for recommendations from trusted friends, family members, and attorneys in other practice areas whom you’ve worked with in the past.

●      Do some searching online and keep your eye out for well-crafted, informative websites that resonate with you.

●      Pay attention to reviews and testimonials, which can help round out your understanding of the attorney you’re considering.  

●      Schedule a consultation or two. The right lawyer for you is someone you feel comfortable communicating with. To determine whether an attorney is a good fit, you'll likely need to connect in person or over the phone.

●      Ask questions about the attorney’s availability. 

The sooner you secure professional legal guidance, the better positioned you’ll be to move forward with the confidence that comes from knowing your rights are well protected.

If Your Case Goes to Trial

The vast majority of criminal charges are either dropped, pled down, or otherwise resolved before they make it to court, but some cases do go all the way to trial. If your case is one of them, your attorney will fiercely advocate for an appeal decision that favors you. 

Even if your case goes in the other direction, however, it does not necessarily mean that you’re out of options. An appeal is a possibility.

Your appeal will begin with a filing that must take place within 42 days of your sentencing. This leads to written legal arguments that outline the trial court’s errors, which are followed by the state’s response. Your attorney then has the opportunity to rebut the prosecution. 

Once your case is reviewed by court staff, oral arguments will be scheduled. This is when both sides present their case to the three-judge appeals panel. Finally, the appellate court will hand down its written opinion that will either uphold or reverse your conviction. Even if your conviction is upheld, you may have a final opportunity to file an appeal application with the Michigan Supreme Court.

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