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Traffic Violations

Our Ann Arbor Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyers

Experienced Traffic Violation Defense in Washtenaw County and throughout Southeast Michigan

At Geherin Law Group, we represent truck drivers and trucking companies in speeding tickets and for other civil infractions. We represent students, professionals, and retirees charged with traffic offenses, persons who have been involved in accidents and cited as "at fault" drivers. In sum, if the traffic or driving offense is important enough for a court to be involved, it is important enough to call criminal defense attorneys in Ann Arbor who know the laws, who will challenge citations, and who will treat your case as important as any other criminal offense.

Contact us today for a free consultation. Our Ann Arbor traffic ticket defense lawyers can meet with you at a police station or jail in Southeast Michigan, if necessary. We respond promptly to your e-mail or call.

How We Help YOU with a Ticket for a Michigan Driving Offense or Accident

GLG can help you in any of the following situations:

  • A routine accident results in a reckless driving citation. You simply pay the ticket. Suddenly, the Secretary of State informs you that you have lost your driver's license for three months without exemptions for employment or any other purpose.
  • You fail to change lanes when a police officer has someone else pulled over on the side of the road. Instantly, you are pulled over and charged with a misdemeanor.
  • You pay a speeding ticket. Your point total grows and the Secretary of State suspends your right to drive.
  • You bump another car at a mall parking lot and leave. You receive notice in the mail that you have been charged with hit and run and that you will have six points added to your driving record.

These are just some examples of how "routine" traffic or driving offenses can drag you into the criminal justice system. Even if you have lived your whole life crime-free, you might find yourself facing an angry judge and zealous prosecutor after a simple traffic accident or citation. For years, we have aided people who find themselves in this horrible ordeal. We care about your case and will not treat it as trivial or "routine."

Contact GLG: We care about your case and will not treat it as trivial or "routine."

Our phone is answered 24 hours a day and we respond promptly to your e-mails. Contact us in Ann Arbor for traffic ticket defense that puts our clients' legal needs first.