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Event Data Recorders in Cars: Examining the “Black Box” in Auto Accident Cases 

When an airplane or helicopter crashes, investigators scour the wreckage to find the “black box” to learn more about what lead to the accident. Believe it or not, there are similar “black boxes” (formally known as, “Event Data Recorders”… Read More
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University of Michigan “ECRT” Hearings

The University of Michigan has created a department called the Equity, Civil Rights, and Title IX Office (ECRT) to handle sexual and gender-based misconduct cases that occur on its campus or by its members (students and employees). The University of… Read More
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Common Questions About Refusals in Drunk Driving Arrests

You’re leaving your favorite restaurant after drinking two glasses of wine and are suddenly pulled over by police.  Fear, anxiety, and confusion set in.  Suddenly, the officer is barking out questions and commands, and before you know it you’r… Read More
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How Do I Select the Best Ann Arbor Criminal Defense Attorney for My Case? 

Gone are the days where each town only had 1-2 general practice attorneys who could reasonably handle criminal cases. The concept that attorneys only advertise in areas in which they practice is also gone. Internet marketing allows attorneys from al… Read More
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What is an “Advice of Rights” Form for Criminal Cases? 

When a person is charged with a criminal offense in Michigan, they typically have two options:  litigate or negotiate. The majority of criminal cases don’t go to litigation or trial, but resolve with a plea of some sort (either a plea or sentence… Read More
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Criminal Trial During COVID

Geherin Law Group Client J.P., who is accused of home invasion, has been waiting for a criminal trial in Detroit since March 2020–with no date in sight. Client J.Z., accused of aggravated assault, has been waiting for her jury trial in Saline… Read More
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Daniel Geherin Named Top Leading Lawyer in Criminal Defense

Daniel Geherin, criminal defense attorney at Geherin Law Group, PLLC, has been named a top leading lawyer in criminal defense in Michigan based on a survey of his peers. According to Leading Lawyers, the list is different from any other attorney sea… Read More
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What Happens After You’re Pulled Over for Drunk Driving in Michigan?

You’re leaving a tailgate after consuming a few beers and suddenly you hear sirens behind you.  Your fear, panic and anxiety start to kick in – what am I supposed to say?  Do I have to take the tests they request?  What will happen if I’m o… Read More
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Dan Geherin, Criminal Defense Attorney in Ann Arbor, Named in the 28th Edition of The Best Lawyers in America 2022

Dan Geherin, criminal defense attorney at Geherin Law Group, PLLC.  has been named in the 28th edition of The Best Lawyers in America List from BestLawyers.com. Best Lawyers publications have earned the respect of the profession, the media, and the… Read More
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Big Changes Coming to Michigan Criminal Law Based on Age

We have all heard the science behind the idea that young people’s brains take years to develop, often well into their early-20’s. That fact – coupled with concepts like peer pressure, hormones and substance abuse – often leads young people t… Read More
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