Two separate incidents result in allegations of sexual assault

Most of our Michigan readers who went to college probably want their children to grow up and have the "college experience" as well. Obviously the main goal of attending college is to get a quality education, but there is much more to those crucial four years than just attending class. What parents never want to hear, however, is that a college campus is having a problem with alleged incidents of criminal sexual conduct.

That is the case on the campus of Eastern Michigan University, where law enforcement officials were recently conducting an investigation into two alleged incidents of sexual assault. The two incidents in question allegedly occurred on October 19 and 20, and there was no immediate indication that the incidents are related. However, both incidents occurred in the same residential hall on EMU campus.

The first incident, on October 19, wasn't reported to authorities until approximately 17 hours after the alleged incident occurred. Nonetheless, an arrest was made in that case. The suspect is reportedly an acquaintance of the alleged victim. A suspect has been identified in the October 20 incident as well, although there were no immediate arrests made in connection to that incident. Similar to the first incident, however, the alleged victim did not report the assault to law enforcement authorities until approximately 18 hours after the incident.

How quickly a victim reports an alleged sexual assault or attempted rape is important for many reasons, but perhaps most important from a defendant's standpoint is the loss of evidence. Someone facing allegations of sexual assault will want to preserve possible DNA evidence, which can be the quickest way to rule out suspects in a sex crimes case.

Source: mLive, "Police investigating weekend rapes in EMU residence hall," Kyle Feldscher, Oct. 21, 2013

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