Investigation underway on allegations of sexual assault

Some of our Ann Arbor readers may have seen a recent report about a local man who is under investigation on allegations of sexual assault. It appears that sexual assault charges may be forthcoming in the case.According to the report, the suspect is a 31-year-old male, and he is currently a graduate student at the University of Michigan. It appears that the investigation was steered in his direction after three women came forward with allegations that they were victims of sexual assault in a suspect's apartment. From the three separate stories, the police have indicated that the suspect appeared to be the same man in all three instances.The incidents are reported to have occurred over the last few months, with the first dating back to September of last year. Although no immediate arrest was made, the police have spoken to the suspect and the investigation is ongoing. The stories from the three alleged victim all appear to involve voluntarily entering the suspect's apartment, and all appear to have consumed alcohol during their visits. Two of the victim's allege that they were assaulted after passing out, and the third indicated that she was the victim of inappropriate groping.In circumstances such as this, even when charges have not yet been filed, it can be extremely important to immediately begin assessing the available options for a criminal defense. Once an arrest has been made the suspect's name will be released, and at that point a huge amount of damage could be done to the suspect's personal and professional reputations. Taking a proactive approach to dealing with police and knowing your rights as a criminal suspect can make the difference between imprisonment and freedom.Source: Ann, "Police investigating U-M graduate student in 3 sexual assaults," John Counts, Feb. 28, 2013
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