Sexual assault case continues for Ypsilanti man

When a person finds themselves facing prosecution for an alleged crime, the most immediate feeling can be that of fear. The criminal justice system is complex, and fear of the unknown could weigh heavily for anyone, no matter if they are a first-time offender or repeat offender. But facing certain charges in Michigan, especially sexual assault charges, can be even more anxiety producing.An Ypsilanti man who is currently going through the criminal justice system is most likely very familiar with these feelings by now. The 36-year-old has been charged with six counts of criminal sexual conduct. The charges arise from an alleged pattern of sexual abuse over nine years against a now 15-year-old girl.As the case heads toward trial, the Ypsilanti man could be facing a mandatory prison sentence and years of dealing with the sex offender registry if convicted. But even if he is ultimately found not guilty of the charges, some long-term consequences of the charges may already have been set in motion.Even being arrested for sexual crimes, especially those involving children, can do permanent and irreparable damage to a person's reputation. Allegations of sexual abuse can stay with a person their entire lives, no matter what the outcome of the case.In this current case, the Ypsilanti man is in even more of a perilous situation as his criminal record indicates that he has had previous run-ins with the law. That could become a factor in determining his sentence should he be found guilty at trial. A strong criminal defense will be will be important in determining the outcome of the trial.Source:, "Hearing set for man accused of sexually assaulting 15-year-old," John Counts, June 30, 2012
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