St. Patrick's Day brought increased police patrols to Ann Arbor

Police departments throughout the country have several times per year when they increase patrols and DUI checkpoints. Among those times are Independence Day, New Year's Eve and, most recently, St. Patrick's Day. Ann Arbor is no different, and a recent article detailed how the local authorities had a plan in place to focus on drunk driving enforcement over the St. Patrick's Day weekend.According to the article, it appears that one of the main goals police departments had in mind was simply to make their presence known to individuals who were inclined to partake in the St. Patrick's Day events throughout town. The increase in patrols was part of a statewide initiative, and several Washtenaw County agencies worked together to implement the changes to their usual routines.Although increased patrols and DUI checkpoints can be effective in keeping the roads safe for drivers, there are always concerns when some is pulled over on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. Police officers have fairly rigid procedures they must comply with in these types of stops, and failure to do so could lead to a lesser charge, or even a case being dismissed altogether. There is also the concern that officers, under the more intense public spotlight of a special operation, may feel pressured to make arrests to show that an initiative is effective.Special events surrounding holidays like St. Patrick's Day can be great for hanging out with friends and having a good time. However, being aware of increased police patrols and taking the appropriate precautionary steps is always a good idea. A DUI charge can ruin a good time very quickly, and a conviction can ruin certain aspects of a person's life permanently.Source: Ann, "Police plan extra patrols as Ann Arbor welcomes St. Patrick's Day weekend revelers," Kyle Feldscher, March 16, 2013
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