Forensic evidence could be the key to suspect's criminal defense

Most of our Michigan readers probably know that some criminal cases can take a long time to resolve. Although every other show on television is a police show, making it look easy to bring a case together and go to trial, the reality is that some of the most complicated cases can take months, or even years, to reach a conclusion. For one man who was before the Washtenaw County courts recently, his court case dates backs to allegations which were first brought forward in 2009.According to the reports, this 40-year-old man is facing a variety of serious charges stemming from a 2009 sexual assault. The man is alleged to have raped a woman in Ypsilanti Township during the 2009 incident. He is said to have been in possession of a knife and a handgun during the alleged assault. The most serious charge he faces is first-degree criminal sexual conduct.Allegations of sexual assault often depend heavily on the testimony of the alleged victim, but this man was arrested after the police investigation reportedly connected him to the case via DNA. The initial news reports have also noted that the suspect has an extensive criminal history.This 40-year-old man has to date pleaded not guilty, and he is set to go to trial in March of this year. In this type of case, where the prosecution's facts will most likely include the presentation of scientific evidence, including the details of the alleged DNA identification, it will be extremely important for the criminal defense to be knowledgeable in the use and legality of forensic evidence. Without this expertise on his side, this man could face a lengthy prison sentence.Source: Ann, "Man accused of raping, slashing woman with knife in 2009 attack to stand trial," Kyle Feldscher, Jan. 19, 2013
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