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Expungements/Setting Aside Convictions

Expungements/Setting Aside Convictions

Expungements/Setting Aside Convictions The consequences of a criminal conviction can be both long-lasting and life-altering: Loss of employment or inability to find a job; financial ruin; family/custody/relationship upheaval; and—of course—loss of freedom. So, for people who have bee… Read More

Criminal Defense

There is perhaps no more consequential personal legal crisis than being charged and convicted of a crime. Often, hiring an experienced, reputable and aggressive legal defense team may be the difference between keeping, and losing, your freedom, liber… Read More

Assault Defense

If you have been accused of committing an assaultive crime, you should strongly consider hiring a criminal defense firm with the resources, reputation and experience to aggressively fight back and defend you from start to finish. Geherin Law Group's… Read More

Breaking & Entering Charges

Under Michigan law, burglary is known as "breaking and entering," meaning entering or remaining in a building with the intent to commit a crime inside. If the breaking occurs in a residence, the offense is known as "home invasion." Because the la… Read More

Computer Crimes Defense

Many computer crimes laws punish the mere obtaining and possession of certain materials. If you are under investigation for violating a computer or Internet-based law — or you have already been arrested and charged — your first step should be to… Read More

Criminal Sexual Conduct

Imagine facing 25 years on the Michigan Public Sex Offender Registry for a criminal sexual conduct conviction. Imagine facing mandatory prison — even if you have no prior criminal history, whatsoever. Imagine the state pulling you from your home, r… Read More

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is investigated and prosecuted differently from other crimes. For example, police agencies have mandatory arrest policies, and often arrest someone on the word or allegation of the complainant alone. Many prosecutors will proceed ag… Read More

Drug Distribution

Our Ann Arbor criminal defense attorneys aggressively protects the rights of defendants facing drug possession, drug trafficking and drug distribution charges in Washtenaw County and throughout Southeast Michigan. Read More

Felony Crimes

Awaiting trial and facing harsh punishments for a felony charge in southeast Michigan? Our trial attorneys include a former prosecutor who knows how state and federal prosecutors think. We diligently prepare our cases, and we are all skilled trial ad… Read More

Felony & Misdemeanor Defense

Felony and misdemeanor charges in Michigan have serious consequences, and can be expensive, stressful, and embarrassing for your family and you. We have the experience, desire, and skill to handle any felony or misdemeanor charge. While some lawyers… Read More

Homicide Defense

Skilled, aggressive, and intelligent trial attorneys who defend homicide cases are few and far between. If a loved one or you have been charged with homicide — including negligent homicide, manslaughter, drunk driving causing death — you will not… Read More

Internet Stings

If a misunderstanding, case of mistaken identity, or computer malfunction places a client in the middle of a police Internet sting operation, it could result in charges of criminal sexual conduct or Internet solicitation of a minor. In these cases, i… Read More

Marijuana Possession

Have you been arrested for running a grow operation in southeast Michigan? Have you been charged with OWPD — operating a motor vehicle with the presence of drugs in your system? Are you a college student who has been accused of smoking marijuana at… Read More

Narcotics Offenses

Drug charges — possession, use, sales or cultivation of narcotics — may result in jail or prison sentences. There are mandatory sentences for some Michigan narcotics offenses, and use of drugs is one of the most common violations of probation. Un… Read More

Solicitation of a Minor

When allegations of Internet solicitation or criminal sexual conduct threaten a person's freedom, the skilled Ann Arbor criminal defense lawyers of Geherin Law Group combine state-of-the-art defense technology and decades of experience in Southeast… Read More

Theft Offenses & Property Crimes

Offenses that fall under the heading “Theft Offenses” or “Property Crimes” include: Embezzlement, Extortion, Robbery, Home invasion, Retail fraud (shoplifting), Larceny, Malicious destruction of property (vandalism), Joyriding, Unlawfully dri… Read More

Traffic Violation Defense

We represent truck drivers and trucking companies in speeding tickets and for other civil infractions. We represent students, professionals, and retirees charged with traffic offenses, persons who have been involved in accidents and cited as "at fau… Read More

Weapons Charges

Have you been charged with carrying a concealed weapon (CCW)? Are you facing felonious assault charges? Are you at risk of losing your Concealed Weapons Permit because of felony or misdemeanor charges pending against you? Is the state attempting to s… Read More

White Collar Crimes

Are you a professional who has been charged with embezzlement? Have you been targeted in an investigation concerning bribery or corruption? Have you been accused of any type of fraud? When allegations such as these threaten a person's freedom and re… Read More

Drunk Driving Defense

 For those facing the consequences of Michigan drunk driving charges, retaining an experienced defense lawyer is a vital step in protecting your driving record and freedoms. Learn more below or contact us 24 hours a day for a free, confidential c… Read More

Felony DWI

In 2007, Michigan enacted "Heidi's Law," which makes a felony of any OWI arrest if the driver has two or more OWI / OWVI convictions in his or her LIFETIME. So, drivers are often charged with Felony OWI even if they have not been arrested for ten… Read More

OWI Defense

Drunk driving, or Operating While Intoxicated (OWI), is one of the most specialized areas of criminal defense. While many attorneys attempt to handle drunk driving defense (including many who specialize in divorce or personal injury), few understand… Read More

OWVI Defense

In Michigan, a person can be charged with OWVI even if his blood alcohol level is less than .08, so long as a police officer "believes" the person is Visibly Impaired by the use of alcohol or a controlled substance. This charge is a misdemeanor, an… Read More

Driver's License Restoration

Driver's License Restoration is one of the most specialized — and growing — areas of law. Look in the telephone book or on the Internet: there are only a handful of criminal defense lawyers in Michigan who even attempt to handle this complex yet… Read More

Juvenile Justice

When looking for a lawyer to represent your child, ask the prospective attorney how many delinquency cases he or she handles. If the number is low, call us. We will put our experience and caring to work for you and, just as important, for your child. Read More

Minor in Possession of Alcohol

If you are facing minor in possession charges (MIP) for underage drinking, it's best to consult with an experienced criminal and juvenile defense attorney, such as those at Geherin Law Group. Our Ann Arbor attorneys serve clients in Washtenaw County… Read More

Wrongful Death

The loss of a loved one to negligence, recklessness, criminal behavior or an intentional act is one of the most devastating feelings you can experience — emotionally, spiritually, financially. We have handled many cases involving accidental / negli… Read More

Catastrophic Injury

We handle catastrophic injury cases which have an element of “criminal wrongdoing” to them, such as injuries caused by drunk drivers, dram shop actions (bar/restaurant liability), motorcycle accidents caused by negligent drivers (riders and passe… Read More

Civil Rights

Every person — regardless of age, race, gender — has certain unalienable civil rights. If those rights are violated by the criminal or intentional acts of another, the person might have remedies to punish the offender(s) AND recover financially.… Read More

College Discipline Defense

College students are known for working hard, studying hard, and sometimes, partying hard. Occasionally, students with otherwise bright futures find themselves charged with crimes relating to alcohol or controlled substances, computer crimes such as … Read More

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