A University of Michigan OIE claim was brought against me and I cannot stress the pain, misery, and profound confusion that this caused both myself and my family. It is in times like these a steady, rational, and knowledgeable mind is necessary. No individual or family affected by this can keep everything together and can act in the ways they know they should behave in the face of this petrifying claim. Mr. Geherin was incredibly knowledgeable with the process of the OIE investigation and was able to guide myself and my family through the process and through each action that we should take. When my parents began to panic he kept them in line and prevented them from dramatically damaging my case, all while being incredibly respectful and understanding to them. Despite this, the true value in Mr. Geherin is that he knows the methodology of the OIE investigation through and through and this is something that cannot be found elsewhere. I cannot recommend him high enough as he is probably the best lawyer that an OIE Respondent can have. If a claim has been made against you, you need a lawyer because the investigators will break apart every word you say. Mr. Geherin is the lawyer that you should have if you want them to hear what you actually want to say.

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