I was recently in a position to witness Mr. Geherin in action and I must say it was a comfort to see such a competent person handling this very sensitive and very important case. Mr. Geherin was very well prepared each of the three days of the trial. His thorough knowledge of the case details, the witnesses, the defendant, and the inner workings of the law were evident in each word spoken and in every movement. When questioning a witness it was obvious to me that Mr. Geherin had specific information that he wanted to mine from each person and a plan to get that information. At no time did Mr. Geherin flounder or stumble over questions and his confident and respectful questioning of each witness served him well as witnesses warmed to him and gave him the information he wanted. If I were in trouble the characteristics I would want my lawyer to possess are: honesty, competence, professionalism, people skills, and effectiveness. Mr. Geherin has all of these in spades.

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