After much research on my part, I found Attorney Geherin was highly recommended as "the best in Washtenaw County" when it came time for me to appeal the revocation of my driver's license to the Michigan Secretary of State in 2010. During our first consultation, and throughout the appeals process, I was convinced that this is true. This is an area he specializes in. Not only was Attorney Geherin thoroughly familiar with required documents, timelines, contacts, and all specifications that kept the process of appeal running smoothly and in a timely manner, but his understanding of the subtleties that ultimately rule the hearing officer's decision were invaluable. For instance, he knew each of them by name and could predict what their reactions might be to the particulars of my case, or even to certain behaviors exhibited at the hearing itself. This was a very stressful and anxious time for me, yet I felt more confident and secure knowing that Attorney Geherin would do his best in helping me achieve a positive result. Partial license restoration was approved, on the spot, during my hearing. In addition, as another client wrote, Attorney Geherin never suger-coated the details of what I would be facing, kept an extremely professional demeanor, and presented himself as someone intent upon success. I respect him for his professionalism and the unparalleled advice and service he provided me.

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