Michigan football player dealing with drunk driving charge

One of the most troubling aspects of getting arrested for driving while intoxicated is the immediate consequences the arrestee could face from an employer or other entity they are involved with, way before any final resolution is reached in the case. For instance, some people may be fired from their job immediately after a drunk driving arrest simply because the arrest took place - not because there has been a finding of guilt in a court of law. This flies in the face of the common legal refrain of "innocent until proven guilty," but sometimes there isn't much the arrestee can do to reverse the situation.

An example that probably hits closer to home for our Ann Arbor readers is the case of Graham Glasgow, a starter on the University of Michigan football team. Glasgow was arrested on a drunk driving charge back in March of this year, and one of the immediate consequences he faced was a suspension from the team for a portion of spring practice. Glasgow is out on bond right now, and he hasn't even had a pretrial hearing.

While these immediate reactions to the arrest may be damaging for the individual, it is important to focus on the actual criminal case. When it comes to an arrest many people will immediately jump to the old axiom of "where there's smoke, there's fire," but our readers know that there are plenty of arrests that occur, both in Ann Arbor and throughout the country, that never result in a conviction.

Drunk driving charges are usually considered to be run-of-the-mill cases in the prosecutor's office, but for the individual who was arrested it is anything but ordinary to find themselves in this type of predicament. Fortunately, with the right criminal defense strategy, the consequences of such an arrest can be mitigated.

Source: mLive, "Michigan's Graham Glasgow has drunken driving pretrial adjourned to June 16, ordered not to drink," Nick Baumgardner, June 2, 2014

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