Authorities in Michigan step up DUI enforcement efforts

Halloween is a great holiday, because both kids and adults get to dress up in wild costumes and have fun at parties with friends and family. However, many parties also include alcoholic beverages for adult guests, and with it comes a heightened possibility that some drivers will get behind the wheel after having had a few too many.Police are aware of this possibility as well, and that is why many police departments across the country, including in Michigan, made the effort to step up operations in an attempt to curb drunk driving over the weekend and days surrounding Halloween.A recent report indicated that over 60 agencies in Michigan would be increasing patrols around the Halloween holiday. While the decision to conduct extra patrols was the choice in Michigan, many other states set up DUI checkpoints in an attempt to catch drunk drivers before they could cause an accident. Authorities hope that the extra funds used to pay more officers to attend to these patrols and checkpoints is money well spent in the effort to curb drunk driving.A drunk driving charge is a serious problem for motorists in Michigan. Lawmakers and authorities consider the issue a priority, as evidenced by the "Super Drunk" law enacted not too long ago, which seeks to come down hard on felony drunk driving where the blood alcohol content level is particularly high. When some one faces a DUI charge in Michigan, the best course of action is usually to start seeking out information about which criminal defense strategy may be applicable under the circumstances. Halloween can be a great time, but not for those who come home with a DUI charge.Source:, "Police boost drunken driving patrols for Halloween," Oct. 25, 2012
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